Welcome to our motivational Quote of the day for Saturday October 23 2021, and today we are going to review and explain a quote from ‘J. Paul Getty‘.

Quote of the day

“Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.”

J. Paul Getty

To strike oil means you suddenly become successful in finding or doing something.

And what precedes this is to rise up early and work hard.

Aside from our quote writer, Paul Getty who is a successful oil tycoon, most of the world’s successful entrepreneurs have been known to be early risers.

Waking up early to work hard everyday is a great way to be more productive.

Yet no matter how hard you are going to try, sleep is natural and will always get the best of you sometimes.

So therefore below are some of the best practices for rising up early:

Best practices for rising up early.

1. Set your alarm.

Setting your alarm is however not a guarantee that you will rise early everyday when it rings.

So you need to give your body sometime to adjust to the new wake up time you set for it.

The trick is to set the alarm multiple times, like 15 minutes interval to one hour of your proposed rising time.

The constant repetition of the alarm bell will always force you to get out of bed.

2. Connect with other early risers.

I remember when my friend Brendan was alive, we used to form the habit of who wakes up first should call the other.

And that was how we used to meet up with going out for morning cry.

So connect with a friend who also wants to be or is an early riser, and implement the habit of whoever wakes up first should call the other person.

3. Access the actions that makes it hard for you to rise early.

Accessing the actions that makes it hard for you to rise early everyday is very important.

Now after discovering the steps that made you fail, and or why you failed; look at what you would have done differently to erase the error.

For instance, if you set the alarm and couldn’t get out of bed when it rung because the bed was too comfortable, try to sleep on the floor or any position in the house that is uncomfortable.

You can always return back to the bed when you body adjusts to waking at the alarm time.

What’s our motivation for today?

Our motivation for today is simply to rise up early everyday and work hard I order to become successful.

Have a nice day!

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