Welcome to our motivational Quote of the day for Saturday October 2 2021, and today we are going to review and explain a quote from ‘Roy T. Bennett’.

Quote of the day

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Roy T. Bennett


On our motivational quote of today, we can see how our writer bonds the word ‘fear’ with the ‘heart’; and the word ‘dreams’ with the ‘mind’.

Now the word fear is a negative energy which lives in the human heart, while dreams is a positive energy that lives in the mind.

The human being is made up of 2 elements, the body and the soul. The former will perish- negative, but the latter will live on afterwards- positive.

Why are we analyzing this?

We are analyzing this because the heart is part of the body, while the mind is part of the soul. Hence, the heart will perish with it’s companion, fear; while the mind will live on with it’s companion dreams.

And what does this mean to us?

It means that we must always eliminate the fears that lives in our heart, and hold on to the dreams that lives in our minds. Knowing too well that the former companions have a limited time, while the latter is endless.


Dear friend, fear is just a False Evidence Appearing Real, and if you hearken to it, you won’t be able to find it because it’s not there.

But dreams is a visual manifestation of wat is going to happen, and since you’ve already pictured it in your mind, it’s definitely going to happen soon.

Good luck!


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