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Be kind to yourself instead of beating yourself up over things that didn’t work out, remind yourself of your successes.

Danielle Marie.


We cannot mention nor count those times we’ve been so unkind towards ourselves, simply because we couldn’t succeed in a particular task, or was unable to achieve a set goal, or worst still someone else beat us to a particular game of life.

I know it is natural for humans to feel a certain way when things don’t work out the way we anticipate.

But has it ever cross your kind that we all respond to situations based on the belief system we hold onto, or the way we understand the term called ‘existence’.

Take for instance, Martina is a practical Christian who believes so much in the ressurection of the dead, while Lucy is an unbeliever who depends on her mother for everything.

Now both girls lost their mothers in a tragic motor accident on the same bus, and when the message gets to them; Martina, though she feels her mother’s departure, concludes in her mind that she will see her again on the ressurection day.

But Lucy faints over and over again as people tries to resuscitate her each time, simply because she feels without her mother there is nothing she will ever be able to do in life.

Now even though Martina might not get to see her mom anywhere again, the fact that she holds on to the believe in ressurection enables her to escape the shock that normally accompanies the lose of a loved one.

But Lucy, who had no religious belief system but invested all her hope on her mother, is unable to escape the shock that comes with the sad news, so she faints consistently.


In conclusion therefore, the writer of our quote for today instructs us to remind ourselves of those times we succeeded, so that we won’t beat ourselves over anytime things don’t work out.

Because the truth is, no one has ever succeeded all the days of his life without meeting failure. Stories of those who failed but succeeded in the end abounds.

Moreover, our failures are set to help us learn what to avoid next time in order to succeed in the same task.

So whenever you fail, instead of walking yourself over, why not look out for those things that caused you to fail, and study the ways to avoid or totally eliminate them; then pursue the same goal again and see if you will not succeed this time.

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