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Quote of the day

Without a customer, you don’t have a business – – all you have is a hobby.

Don Peppers


Every business and business person can only succeed when there are customers to purchase their goods and services.

Every advertisements and promotions going on in the world everyday is geared towards attracting customers who will purchase their products and services.

Therefore if you claim to be a business man or woman and you are not having customers then you are never going to be successful.

How then can you attract customers to your business?

To attract customers to your business you must first of all have what they are seeking for. We call it demand in business studies.

And once you are able to have a product or products that are on high demand, then your business is going to sell out like pure water.

Even if it is a small business you are planning to raise money and start, your main goal should be on how to sell those things that will bring you more and more customers.

Now once you get the righ products or services; that is on high demand, you then have to spread the word about your business.

This is when promotion and advertising will come in.

Now when your products and services are rightly promoted, you will then begin to have customers who purchase them.

And the most important aspect is that when those goods or services are able to satisty your customers, they will be referring other people to them.

And that is the best advertisement and promotion you will ever get for your business.

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If you are unable to make your business attract customers, then you need to understand that you are having a hobby and not a business.


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