Motivational Message: How To Persevere Long Enough To Succeed.


I write this motivational message in order to help you learn how to persevere long enough to succeed, and I hope it gives you the needed motivation to achieve all your goals in life.

One quality that all successful people in the world share is perseverance.

There is absolutely no one that succeeds in life without having to face difficulties as well as spend so much time tryinG. And perseverance is what gives them the determination to push on till they finally achieve their goals.

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is simply the determination to keep going amidst difficulties and setbacks.

It is that thing within that keeps you trying after you fail until you come out successful.

It is perseverance that motivates you to pursue your vision and dreams even when you are surrounded with adversities.

When your end result is to achieve a particular goal, and you go against all odds to achieve it, perseverance is that key factor that pushed you all through.

How to persevere long enough to succeed.

1. Envision the end result of your goal.

Before you ever set out to achieve a goal, you must be able to see clearly how it’s going to end.

It’s the same thing as setting out on a journey.

Every journey has a destination, and even if the person has not been there before; at least he or she has the fore-knowledge of where they are going.

I remember the first time I travelled to Lagos, my only means of locating my destination was the address my friend sent to me.

So when I arrived Lagos, I had to sort myself out by picking a bus from one point to another until I reached my destination.

That’s the same thing with achieving life’s goals.

Your address could be likened to the strategy you set for achieving your goals.

And it is from this strategy that you will be able to clearly see how your goal is going to end very successfully.

One of the benefits of envisioning the end result of your goal is that; it will leave you excited and full of energy to work towards achieving that goal.

When I arrived Lagos; I remember I made a mistake of boarding the first vehicle to the wrong bus stop.

And when I got there, I was directed to where I should board the next bus. And funny enough it was the previous bus stop I boarded the bus to this one.

So I had to go back to the saw place I came from and start my journey all over again.

Now when you have a clear vision of your goals destination, even if you make a mistake along the way that requires you going back to where you started it all, it is the same vision that will guide you all through.

On the other hand, if you are unable to envision the end result of your goal, you will do a lot of guessing along the way and there is a tendency of arriving at the wrong desination.

And it might even entail failure.

2. Recognize your setbacks before you can overcome them.

There will always be those things that prevents you from achieving your goals.

And if you are not able to spot them, they might get you stuck and in the end force you to give up pursuing your goals completely.

On the other hand, if you are able to recognize those things that are setting you back; you will then be able to eliminate or avoid them.

And that is when you will be able to succeed indeed.

3. Ask for help when necessary.

Never get caught up with the mentality of Do-It-Yourself if your goal requires extra hands.

Even if it’s a financial one and you are not sound in that aspect.

You can use the same strategy of raising money to fund your business to raise money, even if your goal is not business related.

Sometimes the help you seek could be a motivation or counselling.

And in that case you need to source for the right channels and avenues that will give you all the motivation and encouraging words you need.

You can read articles, watch tutorials, join webinars and e-course that will help you be better equipped to pursue your goals and succeed in it.

Your help might transcend the physical, and if it does, then you need to seek spiritual help.

This however will depend on your religious faith and practices.

But as a Christian, our spiritual help comes from prayer and studying the word of God.

And you can apply that as well if you are a Christian reading this motivational message.

4. Encourage yourself and be confident.

Maybe you don’t need external help, or they are not just enough to give you the needed encouragement.

In either case you must set out to encourage yourself.

Look at your past achievements; no matter how small it was, and tap the confidence that will help you sail through on this new one.

You can also read and study motivational stories of those who succeeded in the end, after so much trials and failures.

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