Aside from Audiomack AMP which you can use to make money from Audiomack, I will show you in this article more ways to make money from Audiomack.

On this article however, we are going to focus on how you can make money from AudioMack by creating amazing playlists, and promoting your songs as an artiste on Audiomack.

But before we dive into this article proper, let us review certain things you need to know about Audiomack.

What is Audiomack?

Audiomack is a free music streaming App that allows musicians and other content creators to create an account and upload their audio songs and podcasts.

Unlike other music streaming apps, Audiomack does not require a third party distributor, popularly known as the ‘Aggregators’ to enable musicians and content creators upload their songs.

And for that reason, Audiomack does not pay artiste for their streams.

Although many suspect that this is a promo strategy, as Audiomack will soon disable musicians and content creators from directly uploading their songs and podcasts, and adopt the aggregators mentality other streaming apps are using.

More ways to make money from Audiomack.

Aside from the AMP program which is restricted to some other regions, below are the more ways you can make money from Audiomack.

1. By becoming a playlists curator.

A playlist curator on Audiomack is one who is responsible for arranging several or unlimited songs by artiste according to their nation, genre’s and style.

People who use streaming apps like Audiomack are fond of listening to songs through a playlist, because of the stress of having to fiddle the phone every now and then to either search for, or play the next song by another favorite artiste.

Sometimes, you do not like all the songs in the EP or album of your favorite artisrte; and for that reason you need to keep skipping those ones you dont like.

But with a playlist, you can arrange your favorite songs from your favorite artiste in a single file or folder and play them back continously.

Now as a curator, if you have a very popular playlist that has millions of streams; it will be easy for you to convince upcoming musicians to pay and have their songs added to your playlist in order to increase their streams.

And how will you achive this?

Create a playlist and put a little capital aside that will enable you promote that playlist; either using Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads etc.

Once the promotion generates thousands of streams for you, you can then advertise your playlists to upcoming musicians; and charge them a fee for adding their songs to increase their streams.

2. Link your Audiomack uploads to increase your streams on other streaming platforrms.

Now since Audiomack is free, it is certain that they have more users than other streaming platforms.

Also AudioMack allows musicians and content creators to upload unlimited songs and podcasts and it’s completely free.

This then helps you as an upcoming artistes to promote your music and generate income; as you keep uploading new songs regularly.

And here’s how you can make money from your Audiomack uploads!

Now distribute your same song to other streaming platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc.

And feature a link with an option for people to follow and stream; buy and download your songs in any of those platforms they are using.

If you have your own personal website, you can also actually link directly to it.

Now concentrate on using Audiomack to promote your song and generate streams. And if your song is able to hit Millions of streams on Audiomack; it will impress those using other streaming platforms to join in streaming it.

And do you still need me to tell you how much you are really going to make from those streams?

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Last modified: April 18, 2022



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