This article will try as much as possible to show you the lists of cheap domains you can purchase if you are located here in Nigeria.

Newbie bloggers and even web designers are made to think that buying an expensive domain name is a guarantee that they are going to have lots of traffic and recognition on their blog or website.

But I want to assure that a domain name (whether expensive or cheap) is never a factor of attracting traffic to a blog.

So you can equally buy a cheap domain name that is reliable and grow your blog from ground zero to one of the most reckoned blog on the planet.

What is a domain name.

A domain name, oftentimes referred to as a domain, is the address that is used to visit a website.

For example, if the complete URL or web address is then the domain name in it is ‘’.

While domain names and URLs are closely related, they are however not the same thing.

You can thing of a domain as a house, the domain would be the street address, and the URL would be the entire route to the location, which includes a specific room inside the house.

Before you register a domain name.

Before you register your domain, it is very wise to choose a domain name, and afterwards use any search tool like Google to ensure no other person is using that domain.

Once you have confirmed that your domain name is unique you can either register the domain name directly or you can select a web hosting plan and register with them.

There are cheap web hosting plans you can get if you are here in Nigeria.

How we determine a cheap domain.

There are domain names that are costly and there are the ones that are cheap.

And for that reason we call a domain cheap based on it’s purchase price.

Below are therefore the cheap domain names as well as their prices range in Naira.

List of cheap domain names.

  1. – N900
  2. .blog – N3000
  3. .info – N2195
  4. .biz – N3020
  5. .com – N3500
  6. .org – N4395
  7. .co – N4945
  8. .ca – N6500

You can follow any of the link below to purchase any of the cheap domain above.

Purchase domain at DomainKing Ng or TrueHost Ng.

Last modified: September 27, 2021



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