Aside from the things you shoud avoid if you want Google AdSense approval very fast, there are also list of things you should do if you want Google AdSense very fast.

So on this article I am going to share with you the things I personally did to get Google AdSense for this blog.

Let’s get the list right away;

  1. Make sure your blog is up to 6 months old before you apply.
  2. Be sure you are 18+ before you apply.
  3. Use an AdSense friendly theme on your blog or site, e.g Mynote, Cenote, Blogrid, writers blogily, SEO writers blog, write and read.
  4. Do proper SEO of your blog.
  5. Ensure you have the following pages on your blog: About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  6. Make sure your blog loads as quick as possible.
  7. Publish at least 3 unique and quality articles everyday.
  8. Organic traffic may increase your chances of being approved.

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Last modified: September 23, 2021



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