Google AdSense is one of the ways every blogger should monetize traffic for their blogs or websites, but getting Google AdSense is one of the hardest and frustrating things I have experienced in my blogging career.

And on this article, I have taken the time to give a detailed list of things you should avoid if you want Google AdSense approval very fast for your blog or website.

Without any waste of time, below are the list;

  1. Avoid plagiarism: this is defined as the means of copying and pasting contents from other blogs or websites.
  2. Do not re-write contents that have been published on other blogs, instead write your own quality and unique content.
  3. Avoid using other Ad networks except
  4. Do not write about celebrities.
  5. Sex-related articles are a no go for Google AdSense approval.
  6. Also avoid topics like relationship, lifestyle, making money online etc.
  7. Seldom change your theme or UI.
  8. Ensure you are not using other Ads network except
  9. Do not use copy-writed materials which includes images, songs etc.
  10. Avoid using highly graphic images.
  11. Website age matters so wait till your blog is 6 months old before you apply for Google Adsense.


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Last modified: February 20, 2022



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