Importance Of Video Marketing

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Importance of video marketing. Visual contents.


Before we go ahead to list and explain, at least, 5 basic importance of video marketing, to let you see the essence of using visual contents. Let us first and foremost look at what video marketing really is.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the process where marketers make use of visual contents, to interact with their potential customers.

The sole aim of interacting with these customers is, to enable the marketer promote, advertise, as well as, sell their products and services.

There are various tools that enable marketers achieve this aim, but the outstanding is video marketing softwares.

5 Importance of video marketing.

1.To rank on top of Google search

It has been tested and proven that, videos are likely to make visitors spend more time on a website.

And when visitors are spending more time on a website, it will send signals to search engines that a website has good contents.

For this reason, when you upload or embed a video on your website, you will increase your chances of showing up on Google search by 80 percent.

The simple step to take and achieve this is to optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO, add a link back to your product or service on your website, sit back and watch how it will draw people and increase your sales.

Always remember that Google ranks #1, while YouTube ranks #2 in all the website in the world.

And of course, Google owns YouTube.

2. To boost conversion and sales

Studies have shown that, 74 percent of users who watch an explainer video about a product or service, will always end up buying it.

Yes! Video will help you transmit a visual image of your product or service, directly to your viewers brain.

And understanding that, vision is the dominant sense of the human being. If your video succeeds in accurately explaining your product or service, there is no way a viewer will walk away without buying or subscribing.

So therefore, posting your conversion and sales through visual contents, is one of the importance of video marketing.

3. To attract mobile users

Another importance of video marketing is to attract those who are using mobile phones to browse the internet.

It is estimated that 90 percent of internet consumers love to watch videos on their mobile phones.

Mobile video views have been shown to increase by 233 percent.

YouTibe reports that, every year, mobile video consumption increases by 100 percent.

The number of smart phone users is increasing tremendously as the day goes by.

And so, you are likely to attract a good number of them who visits your website. If you are using visual contents to promote or advertise your products and services.

4. To gain social media shares

YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world.

And since YouTube concentrates on videos, you stand a chance to give your business a good turn, when you concentrate more on using visual contents as a means of promotion or advertisement.

Aside from YouTube being the second social network I tbe world, other social media networks are not eft behind in making videos their aim.

Recently, Facebook launched about 3 video apps for teenagers. 3600 video, live video and life stage.

Instagram has 60 seconds videos and Instagram stories.

Twitter has periscope.

Thus, the trick here is to create marketing videos, that people are likely to share on social media, and you will see how it will increase your sales.

5. To increase watch time on a website

Videos have been shown to be very powerful in captivating the human eyeballs, compared to it’s counterpart- images.

Studies show that, since video uses both the visual and aural stimuli. It os likely to dominate imagery adverts, when attempting to caoture an audience attention.

For this reason, videos is very quick to catch the viewers eye, and make humans more eager to watch a content, than struggling hard to read and understand a text.

It is estimated that, an average user spends 88 percent time on a website that has visual contents.

So therefore, if you want the watch time on your website to increase, use video marketing as a means of advertising your products and services.

To begin your video marketing today, follow this link to discover and learn about, the Top 3 Video Marketing Softwares, and afterwards chose the one you prefer.

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