“I Attribute My Success To This: I Never Gave Or Took Any Excuse.” – Florence Nightingale

I Attribute My Success To This I Never Gave Or Took Any Excuse. - Florence Nightingale

In this post, we are going to explain a quote by Florence Nightingale which says: “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.”

Thoughts on this quote.

Like every other bad habit, excuses will always allow you to box yourself into a comfort zone and act like everything is okay in your life.

But why did you create the excuses in the first place?

Creating excuses is one surefire way we try to dodge responsibilities and instead of going out there to fight it and win, we accept whatever life offers us.

Usually, the excuses we use mask the real reason why we can’t achieve anything in life.

Some excuses comes with the fear of failure. While for others, it’s an issue of self-esteem.

Even the fear of success or having to lose something usually also makes us use excuses to find our way out.

Another big influence we have is the number of people around us who are also making excuses.

Because, if you’re always mingling or hanging around other excusers; you will always put on that “we are all in this together” attitude and restrain from doing what you’re supposed to do to become successful.

And the worst part of it all is when you are unable to recognize how you’re always making excuses every other time.

And like you, other excusers you hang around might also not realize they’re making excuses.

The simple solution to all this is to put yourself in the position to always encourage both yourself and others.

Have a nice day!

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