How To Withdraw Money From A Google AdSense Account.

How To Withdraw Money From A Google AdSense Account.

In this article, I will show you how to withdraw money from a Google AdSense account.

But before I do so, I will first and foremost help you to understand what is Google AdSense, the age limit for enrolling for the Google AdSense program, and how much one can earn from Google AdSense.

And finally, I will then end this article by revealing to you how to withdraw money from a Google AdSense account.

What is Google AdSense?

In a simple sentence, Google AdSense is a form of website monetization by Google that helps advertisers to market their online business through several websites or blog owners who are known as publishers.

The publishers are paid when their website visitors view and click on those advertisements.

When you are visiting a blog or website that is monetized with Google AdSense, you will see advertisements which are known as Ads for short; placed in their header, sidebar, and footer.

Once you view or click on those advertisements, the owner of the website will be paid through what Google calls impressions or pay per click.

Google AdSense is by far the most popular and number one advertisement platform n the internet.

As a matter of fact, Google AdSense has some strict rules for those who are participating in their program. Violating or breaking any of these rules might result in a publisher being suspended or banned from their platform.

So if you are one of those willing to make passive income online, Google AdSense can be a very legitimate and simple way of monetizing your website.

What is the age limit for using Google AdSense?

The age limit for using Google AdSense is 18 years old.

So once you become of age and own a website that meets the Google AdSense program’s policies, you can sign up and start making money from Google AdSense.

Google says that your website must have original content that does not include violent, hateful, or adult-oriented content, etc.

How Much Can One Earn with Google AdSense?

Earning from Google AdSense is going to depend on 2 outstanding factors which are:

  1. The amount of traffic (visitors) coming to your website, is known as impression.
  2. The CPC (cost per click) of the keywords you are using on your website.

As a matter of fact, you are going to make more money with clicks than impressions, but clicks are very difficult to get because not all your visitors are likely going to click on the Ads.

But if you have more visitors coming to your website, you will make enough money from impressions.

Also cost per click differs from advertiser to advertiser; because some of them pay more than others for each click.

To therefore earn more money from Google AdSense, you must do proper keyword research and use them to create content that is going to bring more visitors to your blog or website.

How to withdraw money from a Google AdSense account.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, Google AdSense is going to pay you as a publisher either per click or per impression.

You will be able to see or monitor your revenue or earnings in real-time calculated in your Google AdSense user account.

It is worth noting that Google AdSense allows its users to withdraw their earnings once every month when their payment threshold reaches $100.

Below are the steps you need to take in order to withdraw money from a Google Adsense account:

Step 1

Sign into your Google Adsense account and navigate to your AdSense homepage.

Step 2

Click on the “Home” tab, and select the “Payment Settings” options, once you do that your payment settings are going to display on the screen.

Step 3

Go to the option that reads “Add New Bank Account”. And you will see an option that will allow you “Add New Form of Payment”.

Step 4

Now enter the required credit card or bank account information, which is going to include your account holder’s name, as well as the brand number, routing number, and account number.

Step 5

Ensure you double-check your account information, and once you are satisfied, click “Save” to save the information that you have entered.

Step 6

After doing this, you will have to wait between 2 to 5 days for Google to make a test deposit into your bank account. This test deposit can range anywhere between $0.15 to $1.10. Once you have received the test deposit, note the exact amount that you’ve received.

Step 7

Sign in to your Google Adsense account again and select “Payment”, and then “Payment Settings”, which will bring you to the settings screen.

Step 8

Here, you should now see the option to “Verify Test Deposit” by entering the exact amount that was deposited into your account. Then, click on “Submit” to verify your account information.

Step 9

Now, as soon as your Google Adsense account reaches the $100 threshold, your earnings will automatically be deposited into your account once every month.

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