How To Win A Music Contest Or Competition.

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Stage fright and anxiety are the backbone of every singing contests and competitions.

Stares and concentration of judges on one side and audience on the other, seems to be the reason why so many artistes are evicted in music contests as soon as it begins.

Most artistes get so nervous and hesitant to the point that, they lose guide of what to do or how to behave when they step on stage to render their performances; without knowing the fact that if you want to get close to winning a music contest or competition, you must definitely impress not only the judges but also the audience.

Aside from the judges and audience, the other people you are going to face are your fellow competitors. Even though everyone is not stepping on stage at the same time, it is certain that someone will definitely step on it either before or after you.

And the fear of the other person performing better and being recommended by the judges or cheered by the audience, gives so many contestants the chills that contribute to their inability to give their best and come out top in a contest or competition.

So therefore if you want to win a music contest or competition, you must ensure that you take absolutely control of the stage and render the best performance you can ever think of. Forget about who everyone seems to be saying is the best because over-confidence, as you would see later; is even one of the reason so many fail to win a music contest or competition.

However, taking full control of the stage and performing better is not the only way to win a music contest or competition, and for that reason I will try as much as possible to look into those basic things you must do to increase your chances of winning any music contest or competition, and without much ado, here are the 7 things you must do if you want to win a music contest or competition.

*Select the right songs.

The song you select for your performance is the essential key to grabbing the judges and audience attention.

We are all going through so many things in our individual lives, sometimes those things are the reason we are happy and sometimes they are the reasons we remain sad.

And the funniest part of it is that we are always on the lookout for the people who are going through the same thing we are going through in order to relate with them.

Relating with them usually doesn’t mean sharing those joys or pains, but the idea of knowing someone else is going through the same thing we are presently going through makes us have a sense of belonging.

It makes us feel human. “God bless, we are all in this together” we conclude.

Human beings are emotional, so you must ensure that the kind of song you will be giving to them in any contest or competition, will spark up those emotions that will make them seem to step out of their seats and either jubilate or console with you on stage.

Once you are able to achieve this you will be amazed at how the whole house will be vibrating while you are performing on stage, and of course, that is what every contestant needs to win a competition.

So a key example is to think about how many people are being hurt or disappointed by someone they gave their heart to on a daily basis, and select or make a song about how you were able to overcome similar situation and became triumphant.

And if you have even a judge and hundred people going through the same thing in the house, you are close to winning that competition.

*Memorize the lyrics and rehearse your song properly.

I hope you have watched a contest or competition where an artiste is stuck on stage because they either forgot the lyrics or the particular song they were supposed to sing.

This happens because the artistes did not take much time to either memorize the lyrics or rehearse the particular song they wanted to sing.

This happens more in a contests that requires an artiste to sing the song of an A-List artiste; but even if the competition requires you to sing your own composition, you must ensure that you take the time to memorize the lyrics and rehearse the song properly before you step on stage to perform it.

Never try to render a freestyle i.e. sing off head, if you are not good at it, because the judges will concentrate more on what you are singing than how you are singing it. So no matter how good your performance is, if the flaws in your lyrics are detected you are done for it.

If you are performing the song of an A-List artiste, make sure you look for the correct lyrics to that song and memorize them well while rehearsing the song so you don’t forget or let any word out while you are performing it.

Be wary of over-confidence

It might interest you to know that so many artiste fail in a music contest because they gave in to the thoughts that they are the very best among all who participate in a particular competition.

This usually happens because everybody was either recommending or praising him or her.

We all know that every competition usually consists of rounds, stages or seasons, which means that you will be competing several times or with different kinds of people for a stipulated time before you can emerge a winner.

So never let the recommendations you are getting as you go up any of this ladder get into your head, else it will introduce pride that will not only go but fall with you.

So instead of being over-confident, let the recommendations motivate you into spending more time to study and develop those skills that is making people see you as the best.

You can discover these skills by engaging in conversations with people around or even calling your relations, friends, and associates who are following the competition by watching it at home, and have them tell you why they think you are the best. Once you discover this skills work more on developing them and you will definitely come out on top of your game.

*Be mindful of your voice

I believe there is no contest where an artiste is required to sing a selected song. And even if there is, you must ensure that the songs being selected for you are well suited for your voice, and if they are not, I advise you to withdraw from the competition and avoid wasting your time.

If your voice is only good for rap or the current trap music, I see no need for you to enroll in a competition that requires artiste to sing high RnB pitches.

Remember that singing in a contest or competition is very different from singing in a studio where auto tunes can be used to fix those bad or fallen out notes in your song. Therefore you have to learn the basic notes and how you can sing them as well as train your voice to fit the genre or kind of music you will need for the competition.

*Dress according to the image your song portrays

Dress code is one of the criterions for judging in a competition. And of course the judgment is based on the genre or kind of music you are delivering.

You must be able to communicate to the judges that you are a singer once you step on stage, and you do this faster through the way you dress.

You don’t want to appear as a gospel singer and end up singing Reggae music if you want to increase your chances of winning a contests or competition, do you?

*Own the stage while you perform

Many contestants get overwhelmed by how big a stage is and wound up in one corner until they finish their performance, and this robs them of the ability to showcase their performing skills which is very needed to win a contest.

Never get lost with what to do when you are placed on stage to perform in a contest, else you will appear so small and insignificant and even cause the judges to go a searching to find where you have been lost on the stage.

Instead, make swift and calculated movements from left to right, back to the center, up to the front. Wherever you choose to be at stage, calculate how your movement down there will cause the judges and audience eyes to follow you in curiosity, and you will be surprised at the results you will get when your performance is done.


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