How To Use Social Media To Sell Your Products And Services.

This article will focus on how you can use social media to sell your products and services, and even though you have your own personal website or blog, the truth remains that social media is a free and easy platform for selling your products and services.

Understanding how social media works for entrepreneurs.

Many newbie e-commerce entrepreneurs keep making the mistake of attempting to use social media for the purpose of meeting and engaging their customers for free.

But to be very sincere, even though social media offers free sign up to their users, it has since migrated from helping their users connect and share contents for free; to a business forum where people can advertise and sell their products and services.

Moreover, users are not given a straight online store where they can upload their products, if they wish to do so thy need to get their own website.

Or better still distribute them to public online stores like Amazon, Jiji, Jumia etc.

But then, after distributing your products to online stores, in order to create awareness, you must still share them as links on social media platforms.

And one thing social media hates so much is a link, because it entails moving people away to another social platform.

And for that reason, you will all along be wasting your previous time on free links you share on social platforms, because they are likely going to get no engagements.

Because the social media algorithm usually prevents free links from reaching a massive audience online.

How then can you use social media to sell your products and services?

The best way to use social media to sell your products and services is Ads, which is a short word for AdSense.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is an online term which simply means advertisement.

And advertisement involves putting your products and services in the public view, for the sole aim of creating awareness for attracting customers to buy them.

And every popular social platform offers one Ads service or the the other.

Google is the most outstanding of them all, followed by Facebook which also owns instagram.

Thus, you need to learn and understand how to use these social media Ads to achieve selling your goods and services online.

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