How To Use Social Media Effectively As A Musician.

how to use social media effectively as a musician

You are here because you want to know how to use social media effectively as a musician, and I am going to show you help you know it.

There is no way you will be able to use social media effectively as a musician, if you don’t understand the term “Algorithm” and how it works.

What is algorithm?

When contents you post on your social media platform starts to get engagements; soon as you publish it. The particular content will be forced to appear on the feed of users whose activities on social platforms matches your contents.

As a matter of fact, this users do not need to belong or follow your accounts.

This process is what we call algorithm on social media platforms.

The greatest benefit of algorithm is that you will be able to reach a wider audience organically.

Lest I forget, the 3 outstanding means of engagements on social media platforms are: Likes, comments and shares.

Therefore, you must at all times, strive to get contents that people will begin to like, comment and share immediately you publish it.

And this way, you will highly be rewarded by algorithm.

Moreover, most of those people algorithm helps you to reach; who do not belong to your account, are likely going to follow you.

And in so doing, you will be able to build your fanbase on social media platforms as a music artiste.

How to use social media effectively as a musician.

To use social media effectively as a musician, you must be able to publish posts consistently.

But the problem with musicians is the lack of contents; since you are not going to drop singles, EPs, albums or music videos every now and then.

And for that reason, you should think of other contents you should be dropping while waiting for your next single or album to drop.

Below are some of those content you should use to stay active on social media platforms as a music artiste.

1. Post photos or images.

It could be your personal photos you snap, even on your smartphone.

You don’t have to visit a photo studio to take snapshots everytime you want to post a photo on your social account.

Once you have anything interesting going on and wish to share it with your followers, then take a snapshot of it with your phone, write something interesting about it and post to your social accounts.

Aside from your own personal photos, you can also check your accounts for upcoming birthdays from your followers.

Then go to their accounts and download their photos, use it to write a birthday wish and publish on your account, then wait to see the engagement that is going to follow.

Doing this consistently will keep your account active, as well as help algorithm to identify and help you promote your posts organically.

Other images you can also post are funny pictures and memes etc.

2. Use questions to engage your audience.

There are lots is people who tend to respond more to questions they think they readily have an answer to.

And you need to get the attention of these kinds.

And how do you do so?

Always come up with questions that are captivating and post it on your accounts, then wait to see the reacting of your followers as they like, comment or share it.

3. Post timing.

Understanding when your followers are online and publishing your post at that particular time, will help you appear on their feeds and in so doing get more post engagements.

But it however depends on the timezone of your followers.

Whatever the case is, people are found to use social media mostly in the morning; before leaving for work, afternoon; during break for lunch and in the evening; before bedtime.

So always ensure you publish your post at the right time if you want to see social media effectively as a musician.

4. Post frequently.

When you post frequently, you are increasing your chances of getting post engagement since your account is going to be very active.

You can always set a schedule of posting on social media.

Could be 2 times a day, 3 times or even more. Make sure you keep on posting.

5. Don’t post the same contents twice.

Aside from going against the community guidelines on social platforms, posting the same contents twice will make your account so irrelevant.

Because people will assume you have nothing to post when they keep seeing the same contents from your account popping up on their feeds every now and then.

For goodness sake, if they liked that content they would have engaged with it since.

So don’t ever think that seeing a content repeatedly will make social media users engage with it.

6. Use more video contents.

When using more video contents on social media platforms, ensure they are published directly to the particular account.

By this I mean you should not be sharing video links from other social networks as a means of being consistent in posting.

This is because it has been found that, social networks tend to reward video contents posted directly on that network.

And regarding links as a means of drawing people away to another network, it tends to push it back to the underground.

That is why those links you post on social networks do not get more engagements.

7. Tag your followers.

Since it will be hard to you to organically reach, evwn your followers on social media; there is a way you are allowed to get at them repostely.

And that is by way of using tags.

Tagging people on your post will make them see it immediately and easily; and this oftentimes make them unable to resist engaging with it.

So when next you publish your post, select important people on your social accounts and tag them.

8. Use #hashtags.

#Hashtags are social media tools that allow you reach those who share the same interest with your contents but do not follow your accounts.

When you add an #hashtag to a post, it will appear on the feeds of those who are following that #hashtag.

And most of these #hashtags has billions of followers.

However, use of hashtags vary across social networks and you can read our article on using #hashtag effectively on your social media posts; to understand how best to use them.

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