How To Submit Songs For Trending And Playlists On Audiomack.

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This article exists to help upcoming artiste understand how to submit their songs for trending and playlists on Audiomack.

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Features Of Audiomack

  • You can upload unlimited tracks for free. That is, you don’t have to pay a distributor to upload your songs, as you can do it all by yourself.
  • When you sign up for an account, you will be able to access Audiomack dashboard. And see the number of people who stream your songs and their location.
  • Every fans who follow you on Audiomack, will be able to get notifications of your new releases.
  • Audiomack has a team that listens to your music. Which means they don’t depend on algorithm to favor your songs.
  • Also, Audiomack makes it easy for artiste to submit their songs playlists. As well as also add to their trending section.

What It Means To Trend On Audiomack

There is a section on Audiomack site and app known as TRENDING.

And this section consists of the hottest songs recently uploaded to the playform.

This section is compiled by Audiomack team, and if you’re lucky to to get your songs on it, you can attract the highest streams in a short period of time.

A lot of artiste are blowing and getting discovered in this way.

How To Submit Your Songs For Trending On Audiomack.

The Rules.

  1. All submissions for trending on Audiomack must be new releases.That is, songs that has been released for less than a month.
  2. You can only send just one trending submission at a time. If you send more than one email of a track, it will be considered spam and thereby ignored by the team.

How To Submit.

Simply email your Audiomack link to any email below that corresponds with your genre.

For hip hop/rap, RnB, Pop, Podcasts etc. Submit to

For reggae and dancehall submit to

For AfroBeats and Afro-Pop submit to

Make sure you attach a short bio of yourself and song to the email.

What Is Playlist On Audiomack?

Playlist is a collection of uninterrupted songs selected from different moods and genres.

It helps a listener to listen without having to select a new song to start listening when the one playing currently finishes.

Audiomack has tons of playlist, and if your songs happen to get on them, your streams and followers will increase tremendously.

These playlists are created and owned by Audiomack team and those who have been able to get massive following on the platform.

Check out an example of a playlist from our own Afro 9Jamz below.

How To Submit Your Songs For Audiomack Playlists.

The Rules.

  1. You are only permitted to submit single songs for playlisting. Ep’s and albums are not considered.
  2. Both old and new songs are fit for submission.
  3. You must specify the playlist you are submitting to. To find these playlists, simply browse the Audiomack playlist section.

How To Submit.

Select the playlist you want to get your song on.

Put the playlist name in the subject of your email.

Add the link to your song on Audiomack in the body of the email.

Send the email to

We can also help you promote your songs on our own playlist.

Check out the playlist below.

And contact the admin via the WhatzApp support link on this site, if you want your song on the above playlist.

After Submission.

Following all the instructions above to submit your songs, for trending and playlists on Audiomack, is not a guarantee it will go into trending or playlists.

But then, if it makes it you will receive a confirmation email. And it will come with a very nice graphics.

What To Do If They Accept Your Song.

Make sure you pot your graphics to all your social media accounts.

Most especially, Twitter and Instagram.

Tag the Audiomack team so they can see it.

And most importantly, thank and recommend the Audiomack team and playlist curators.

You can also reciprocate their favor by retweeting their tweets and sharing their posts consistently.


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