How To Start Freelancing In 2022 (Complete Beginner’s Guide).

how to start freelancing in 2022

If you’ve been wondering how to get start freelancing in 2022 and beyond, then this complete beginner’s guide is just for you.

Even if you are planning to start freelancing as a writer, a web designer, or a developer, this guide is really going to show you how to begin and probably end the journey smoothly.

But before we get started, let’s take a look at what we really call freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a simply profession based on contract; where a person uses his skills and experience to offer or provide services for a number of clients, without being employed or recruited in an organisation.

To simply put it, freelancing happens when you use your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients on various tasks without committing yourself to work for a single employer.

The number of tasks you work on depends on your ability to deliver as requested and when asked to do.

Though freelancing allows you to work from home, it should not be seen as a direct work from home job.

This is because your clients might sometimes require you to come and deliver the work in their office.

While a work from home involves you and the client who pays you a salary, freelancing is contract-based as we mentioned earlier.

How then can you start freelancing, especially in this 2022.

How To Start Freelancing In 2022 (Complete Beginner’s Guide).

The following steps will help you to start freelancing in 2022.

1. Purchase the basic tools or equipment.

Most people think they can succeed in the freelancing job with just their smartphone; but you need to understand that freelancing requires basic tools and equipments.

In fact, most of your clients will look out for these things before they entrust you with their money.

Since freelancing is based on skills and experience, there are several clients who will seek proof of your accomplishments before they decide to try you out.

And for this reaon, you must get your tools or equipments on point if you really want to succeed in the freelancing job.

One of the basic tool or equipment you will need is a computer, which will help you to run the softwares that will help you deliver great results.

2. Discover your freelancing skill.

I guess you never want to be a jack of all trade and master to none in the freelancing business.

And for that reason you need to discover what freelancing skill you want to be identified for. Whatever skill you choose keep it in mind taht the key to succeeding in freelancing lies in discovering a skil you’re good at and has enough demand in the marketplace.

For example, if you want to do freelancing in web design, check to see how many clients you will be able to secure within a month and how much you will be able to make.

3. Improve on your skills.

After discovering your skill, you also need to improve on your skills.

It doesn’t necessarily require you to train under someone as there several articles and tutorials you can get and study online.

Try and learn the basics and in so doing be able to improve on your freelancing skills.

Therefore, read e-books and articles, subscribe and keep a update on YouTube channels, and blogs that relates to your skill and industry.

You can also undergo e-course and webinars that will even help you get a direct connection with those who are far ahead in your niche.

4. Build your brand.

To build your brand, you must be able to prove your skills and deliver your work efficiently whenever the need calls for it.

Your college degree or years of experience will mean nothing if you are undable to prove your skills to potential clients.

If you are a web designer, you need to have your own website as well as links to other websites you have built.

If you are a graphic designer, you should be able to point to a brand you helped design their logo.

As a matter of fact, you should be willing to do free and cheap works while starting out; in order to increase the proof of works you are able to deliver.

5. Get your own portfolio.

Your portfolio is the only thing that will help you to bring the proof of all the works you have done so far together.

As your brand grows, your collection must also mount up. But most importantly try and make them accesible in one space.

Because there are some clients who will ask for this before they entrust you with any work.

Even if you can’t afford your own personal website, there are platforms that will help you build a free blog or website.

You can get a free website at Webnode, and once you finish designing your free website, make sure you assemble all the works you keep finishing there.

You can also use your social platforms as your portfolio; even is you also have a website, because it will help you to personally reach out to people who follow your accounts.

6. Market yourself.

At this stage, you need to spread the word about your freelancing career. That is to say you have to market yourself.

You can do this by joining freelancer marketplaces like upwork or

Or better still look for new marketplaces, since the existing ones already has a lot of competition and members are already fighting to land freelancer jobs.

You can also utilize online Ads as well as use social media to get the word out about your freelancing career.

Your aim of course is to attract and get clients.

7. Don’t overcharge.

Especially as you are starting out.

What you should do is search for the price others in your industry are charging so far.

And with that you can come up with your own price range.

When you are able to gain more clients and authority in your industry, you can then raise your fees.

But for a start, don’t give customers the reason to work away because you are overcharging them.

8. Make delivery your ultimate aim.

Whenever you are entrusted with a work, make sure to deliver is your ultimate aim.

For the sake of Christ, don’t make money your priority, but delivering to the clients expectations.

Remember, you can gain 10 more clients off referrals from a single client.

So make sure you do what it takes to deliver even beyond your clients expectations.


You are now ready to take over the freelancing world; and with so much dedication and hard work, you will be able to create a very profitable and prosperous career in freelancing.

Good luck!

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