Starting and maintaining a spiritual morning routine is always very challenging.

However let me share those things that will help you to achieve this below.

1. Start with Prayer

Start your morning routine in prayer.

You dont have to be religious or recite a certain prayer in order to pray.

But, prayer is a simple way of connecting with God or your higher Spiritual Power – who I believe is all the same.

This connection is the key you must make first thing in the morning, so make sure you lead your day in that connection.

If you aren’t used to praying then start with something simple like, “God, I am here to connect with You today. Help me to know You. Help me to feel You. And help me to live in a place of love throughout this day.”

I personally love to use the Our Father prayer. This is a beautiful prayer that hits all the notes of what it means to live in connection with God.

If praying on your own is difficult, find and pick a prayer that speaks to you and recite it every day. You can also try a daily devotional or soul quotes with a short reading and prayer.

2. Meditate for At Least Five Minutes

I know meditation seems scary, but stillness, before we go about our day can be life-changing. When I first started meditating I thought it was a bit “woo-woo” and I didn’t know what to expect while I tried meditating.

When you start meditating more, you will find there are four core feelings you expect to feel during meditation.

You can also try to just sit still for five minutes with a timer set. Sitting still on your own can be super hard, even for just five minutes, but I promise you will get the hang of it.

3. Journal, Read or Move Your Body If There is Time

If you have time, this is the next step. There is a lot of scientific studies that have proven that moving your body in the morning is most beneficial. I say, if you don’t have enough time that is okay, and I would add these things later in my day.

If need help with ideas for this step, my Dive into the Practice of Yoga Course is a great 5-day jumpstart for the practice of yoga, journaling, and self-reflection.

I walk you through how to combine these three practices in less than 30 minutes a day over five days, so you can begin to create your own movement program and add it to your routine.

4. Write Your To Do’s – Including Acts of Self-Care

Ensure you make your list for the day so you get everything out of your head and put it into motion.

There sure will be things you wish you could keep in my head, but the stress of the day might make you forget them.

But when you write out all your things-to-do, you can look it over and notice how you feel about the things on your list. Ask yourself:

  • Is there anything on that brings you dread and anxiety?
  • Is there anything you do often that you can streamline?
  • Do you have balance on the list of things that bring you joy with things that are necessary for living?
  • Is there anything on the list that you honestly don’t need to do and can pass along to someone else?

5. Make Yourself Breakfast and Sit Down to Eat

Eating is very importan in a human’s life because it sustains the life.

The hormone cortisol is found to be highest in the morning.

And for that reason, to help get things in check you need to eat a well-rounded morning meal with protein and healthy fats.

6. Read Your Mission Statement in the Mirror to Yourself

Creating a mission statement for yourself is something you will be happy you did.

And you can try with something simple like “I am” statements.

Paste these on your bathroom or bedroom mirror and read them to yourself every day as a reminder of who you are authentically.

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