How To Shoot A Freestyle Video With A Smartphone.

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This article aims at providing accurate tips for upcoming musicians. Who are looking to expose their talents with a freestyle video. It will help you know how to shoot a freestyle video using a smartphone.

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Smartphones have been designed to run so many tasks.

In a smartphone, you will have so many features including the following few:

  • A mobile phone to make and receive calls.
  • An mp3 and video player to listen to audios and watch videos.
  • A digital camera to shoot and create video clips.

The feature we are going to be looking at in this article is the digital camera, which is going to help you shoot a freestyle video.

Scores of modern phones have built-in cameras and camcorders, which are capable of shooting high quality photos and videos.

As a matter of fact, one does not have to go through any formal training. In order to become an expert in shooting great videos with a smartphone.

All you need is the basic tips, that will help you avoid certain mistakes so many- who attempts to use their phones to shoot videos, are making.

Our focus

This article will attempt to focus on the use of Android smartphones, irrespective of their choice of device. To achieve shooting quality video footages.

We will also be looking at the One-Take method. Which usually involves one costume and location.

But you can still use the same idea if you want to be switching costumes and locations.

The quality of your smartphone

The quality of your smartphone will really have an impact on the video quality you will be able to capture.

However, I am not going to recommend any phone brand here, but rather would like you to run a test shot on your phone. To discover if it will be able to give you good quality.

But if it is not, you can borrow a good phone from anyone close to you. And after you achieve your aim, you transfer the video file to your own device.

The price you bought your phone is also a great way to confirm if it will shoot quality video footages.

Phones from 30k upwards will do a perfect job.

Another way to check if your phone will shoot great videos is, go to the settings and chick if it’s resolution is up to 1080P.

What video camera app?

The next thing you have to put into consideration if you must know how to shoot a freestyle video is, the video camera app you are going to use for the shooting.

And the big question is:

Should you use the video camera app that came with your phone or download and install a third-party video-recording app?

Before you make a choice.

I want you to know that, most of those third-party video-recording apps are simply going to link to your devices camcorders, as well as, use the same underlying hardware.

But the difference is that, the third-party video-recording apps will have few extra features like: image stabilizer, a touch-to-focus and some other configurable settings.

For that reason, I always advice people to go for the third-party video-recording apps, instead of depending on their phones default camera app.

You can run a Google search for “free video recording apps” to download and install anyone you like.

For most people however, shooting with their phones default camera app will still give good results, if you study and master these basic tips I am going to show you, on this article, how to shoot a freestyle video.

Basic tips on how to shoot a freestyle video using smartphone

1. The Concept

Since you are going to do a one-take shot, you won’t have to worry about changing costumes and locations.

All you will have to worry about is achieving a good video quality, which we have just taught and learnt.

But aside from that, another important thing you should concentrate on is not making you video too boring.

Yes! A One-Take video is supposed to be boring, because, we will be watching an artiste on a one-angle shot, with one costume in one location.

For that reason, you should incorporate a concept into your freestyle video to make it more interesting.

Rema is fond of making his freestyle videos inside a car.

At times, the car is packed in one location. And other times, he will just be driving around while freestyling.

Secondly, he also likes to, either wear a mask or singlet, when he is freestyling.

Another concept Rema loves to use is doing the frestyle video inside a studio. Many artiste have also adopted this style a lot.

So if you don’t want to make your freestyle video so boring, think of a concept you can create for your freestyle.

It is however not wrong to follow the popular trend, i.e shooting your freestyle video inside a car or studio. But inventing what others have not done yet will add more uniqueness and originality to your frestyle video.

2. Orientation

The biggest mistake you are going to make is shooting vertical videos, because, it will introduce dreaded black bars on both sides of your clips.

And there is no editing that can fix that.

If the editor tries to drag the footages, it will swell up the subject in a very unusual way.

So, to get a correct orientation, flip your phone and do your filming in a landscape mode.

3. Lighting condition

Even high quality video cameras are unable to perform well under the standard room lighting.

If you try to use them, they will introduce what we call “noise” in cinematography.

And for that reason, majority of smartphones are also likely not going to perform well in a standard room lighting.

So never try to shoot with your smartphone inside a darkroom that has the normal light bulbs on.

If you are going to be shooting inside a room, make sure it is receiving enough sunlight from outside.

Another trick is to shoot near large windows. But avoid subject standing against a window with the sun shining in.

But the most approved lighting condition for shooting a freestyle video is outdoors. Because it will not give you any lighting headache.

But in case you want to use a studio too for shooting, make sure the lighting source is pure white. If it is not, opting for a professional video light is the best choice of all.

Whatever choice you are going to make, ensure you run a test-filming to see how the room lighting condition is on playback.

4. Tracking your audio

If your video quality looks great and your audio is horrible, your frestyle video will be a total mess.

So you must think about how to track the best possible audio quality for your freestyle video.

But if you are going to overlay the audio in post, then you don’t have to worry about tracking quality audio.

But if you are going to use the background audio, then there are few things you have to pay attention to, if you want to achieve the best audio quality.

The first thing you have to consider is the sound system you are going to use.

A good mp3 player that produces an heavy and loud sound might work well, if you will be shooting outdoor.

But if it’s indoor, you can use your CD player, home theater and the studio monitor to get the best sound.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is the distance of your sound source. Of course, you have to keep it closer to help the phone capture it appropriately.

Lastly on this point, you have to consider the location where you are filming.

Places you have to avoid are tunnels and echoing rooms when shooting indoors.

And if you are shooting outdoors, the wind is the only natural phenomena that kills sounds. So you must ensure there is no wind blowing around where you are shooting.

5. Steady shots

The human hands is likely going to shake when filming with a phone because of the phones lightweight.

And the worst video no one wants to watch is a shaky one, where the eyes will be struggling to keep focus.

There are however simple techniques to adopt in this case. And they are:

  • Always hold the phone with both hands, and support your elbows with your body. Preferably resting it upon your waist. This technique will provide the needed support for your arms.
  • Invest in a cheap smartphone tripod that will help you place the phone, and if you don’t have a tripod, find books or materials that are capable of supporting the phone without slipping.
  • Avoid moving the phone from side to side, and also any body movement that might make your viewers eyes turn too much and quickly.

6. Shot angles

Your video footage is likely going to be boring if you concentrate on one particular shot.

Even though it’s a one-take shot technique you will be using, you can tactfully switch shot angles to make your video less boring with a one-angle shot.

The basic shot angles you can try are:

  • LONG SHOT which shows the subject in full view from top to bottom.
  • MEDIUM SHOT which will reveal part of the subject in more detail from about the waist up.
  • CLOSE-UP which seems to fill the screen with part of the subjec, such as the head and face.

Remember to avoid your videos shaking, when trying to switch between this shot angles.


In conclusion, even though we call it a freestyle video, it is not a rule that you must sing off head.

You can shoot a freestyle video for your singles, demos, cover songs etc. And upload them on your social media accounts, especially your YouTube channels, or promote them on websites that offers such services.

You can join any of our WhatzApp group below, to be sharing your freestyle videos for other artiste to watch and comment.

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Hoping you have really learnt how to shoot a freestyle video.

I wish you the best.

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