As the price of producing a song is hiking everyday, every up and coming musician who takes thier music career very serious should think about setting up their own small home recording studio, because there are several benefits of having a having a small home recording studio.

On this article however, I am going to show you how to set up a small home recording studio.

To set up a small home recording studio, there are several equipments you need to buy. Nowadays, recording studios, even the big ones, have no much use for vocal booth; because there are several plugins you can use to either minimize or remove background noise.

Or you use the modern mobile vocal acoustic booth for your studio mic.

Below therefore are the basic equipments you need to purchase for your small home recording studio, and if you want to know their prices, you can Follow this link.

1. Computer.

Your computer; whether desktop or laptop, is going to be the backbone of your small home recording studio.

But when you are chosing one, make sure you concentrate on the RAM and storage capacity because Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) usually processes so much data that tends to consume a lot of space on computers.

A computer that has at least 4 to 8GB RAM with 500 to 1TB of hard disc is ideal for a small home recording studio.

2. Digital Audio Workstations (DAW).

This is the software on your computer that will going to enable you record, edit and mix your sounds.

Here in Nigeria, the commonly used DAW’s are FL Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Reason etc. Though other producers use Pro Tools and Logics, the former mentioned are most ideal for small home recording studios.

3. Plugins.

Though your DAW will come with several plugins for recording, editing and mixing; there are several plugins that will add additional enhancement to your small home recording studio.

You can check the best plugins used in recording studios in Nigeria, to pick the one that suits you.

4. MIDI Keyboard.

MIDI keyboard will help you to quickly and easily play music notes and produce your needed sounds.

Am saying this because some of the DAW like FL Studio has an inbuilt keyboard you can use to produce music notes.

But saving a little capital to purchase a MIDI keyboard will will help you more.

And note well that you don’t need to be a professional keyboardist to be able to use a MIDI keyboard as you can sometimes use sample libraries to make good soundtracks.

5. Studio monitors.

To hear how your recording or mixing sounds will require you to have studio monitors.

Though studio monitors are very expensive these days, if you however have good ears for music you an use your home theater or CD player speakers to monitor your sounds.

6. Headphones.

Without headphones, there is no way you are going to hear your beats or soundtrack or instrumental in order to voice over.

There are cheap headphones that will help you achieve this purpose.

7. Microphone.

This is one of the most important studio equipment for making good sound production.

The quality of your microphone will really have an effect on your vocals. So source for a budget and purchase the best ones out there.

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