How To Run Facebook Ads And Get Good Results.

Driving clients – not simply guests – to your products and services page; whether on your website or social media platforms is the most ideal approach to making money in the internet.

And the best and simplest platform to run Ads and get good results is Facebook, and I am going to show you how.

With Facebook Ads, you have the opportunity of reaching a wider audience who might be interested in your proposition.

Eventually, the success of your Facebook Ads depends on how you are able to set the right targeting which are characterised by the location, audience, and interest.


Location target is very important if you want to get positive results from your Facebook Ads.

Thus, you must consider the nature of your business and how you wish clients to reach out to you.

If it is a product or service you can deliver online, then you can target a wider location, but if it’s a business that will require physical contact, then you must ensure your Ads is limited to people who are close to your neighbourhood.

Another thing you need to understand is that, the wider your location, the more Facebook is going to charge you per click.

For instance, the charge for an Ad you have Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana as your location target will be greater than the one you have only Nigeria as your target.


Audience entails the gender and age limit of the people you want your Ads to be shown to.

For example, if you are advertising a female product, you must exclude targeting men in your Ads, that is to say you should set your audience to just women.

Now you have to determine if the product is for people under the age limit of say 13-65, 18-40, etc.

On Ads I run for music stuffs I always love to target only male, because I know that no too many girls are doing music, so weighing the fact that the male are doing music the more I only set my musical Ads target to male alone.

Therefore, figure out the gender and age limit of those you want to sell your products or render your services to, and use that as audience target for your Facebook Ads.


Your interest target is going to depend on your products or service.

For instance, if you are selling health products, then you should look for interest that matches with health. If it’s an herbal product then your interest target should simply correspond with that.

I use ‘music’ or ‘entertainment’ as my general target if am running Ads for anything relating to music stuffs.

Also, Facebook will allow you to choose more than 1 interest, I think you can even choose up to or more than 10 interests. But then you need to understand that the more interest you select, the more Facebook if going to charge you for the link click.

Automatic targeting.

If you however set your Ads to automatic, Facebook is going to use algorithm, that is your own personal engagements or behaviour on their social platform to determine the people they deliver your Ads to.

That is to say if you are fond of watching comedies anytime you are using Facebook, then Facebook is automatically going to use comedy as your interest to deliver your Ads.

And this goes to say that, if you are running Ads to sell an health product and Facebook is using your automatic interaction to deliver your Ads, then you are likely going to get no positive result.

That is why my solemn advice on this is for you to desist from setting your Facebook Ads delivery to automatic, unless you are running an Ad for a specific product or service you also like to engage with everytime you are using Facebook.

If you are still finding it hard to run Facebook Ads, then contact us through the WhatzApp chat link below and we will help you run the Ads at an affordable price.

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