How To Promote Your Music Online In Nigeria.

How To Promote Your Music Online In Nigeria.

There is no denying of the fact that every sphere of business, the music industry included, are gradually relocating to the internet, and this call for the need to write an article on how to promote your music online in Nigeria.

This article however comes in 3 phases: How To Promote Your Music In Nigeria., How To promote Your Music Offline In Nigeria, and this one.

So make sure you create time to read all of them in order to get the perfect knowledge of how to really promote your music in Nigeria.

How to promote your music online in Nigeria.

1. Make good music.

This is always my starting point to music promotion; whether is is offline or online, making good music is always the stepping stone to successfully promote your music.

Because what’s the use of promoting music people will swear never to listen again, after they first come in contact with it.

And gone are those days when making high quality music was only possible in record label’s studios; as today most of the tracks becoming worldwide hits are recorded in home recording studios.

So if you have a little capital, you can invest it in setting up a small home recording studio that will enable you get enough to work on making high quality music.

Once you are able to make good music, then your journey to a successful music promotion online must begin thus.

2. Social media.

Social media is the number one online spot for upcoming artiste to promote their music, whether in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world..

But before you attempt to do so, you must get to understand how the Algorithm of any social media you will be promoting your music works.

Because unless you are able to beat the algorithm of any social media platform, you will never beable to get positive results from your online music promotiton.

You can learn about the 9 Ways Of Using Algorithm To Get Post Engagement.

The use of every social media platform varies estensively, so you must embark on a proper research to understand how they work.

3. Promote your songs on music blogs.

Promoting songs on music blogs is one great way lots of upcoming artiste has made it to the mainstream.

Some music blogs charge higher, while there are still some who’s prices are affordable. You just need to check them out one after the other.

There are also free music platforms you can directly upload your songs to, a good example is Audiomack.

You can follow this link if you want to promote your songs on our music blog 9Ja Freestyle NG.

4. Press coverage.

Press coverage is one great way to promote your music online.

Unfortunately, upcoming artiste in Nigeria do not understand the power of press coverage when it comes to online music promotion.

A press release simply entails online blogs writing about you and you music career.

You can read a complete guide to press release for upcoming musicians here: How Press Coverage Can Blow An Upcoming Musician In Nigeria.

As well as follow this link to see and example on this our blog.

5. Influencer promotion.

Influencer promotion is a process where a social media user who has thousands or maybe millions of followers mention your username on their accounts, or repost your contents on their social media handles.

Though influncer promotion is very expensive; that is if you approach the influencer directly to promote your music.

But there are various tricks you can employ to achieve an influencer promotion for free.

And one of them is making a content that will interest them to the point of reposting it.

And that way you will get a positive result from your online music promotion in Nigeria.

6. Get your own official website.

This is one of the music promotion strategy that upcoming artiste in Nigeria overlooks a lot.

But think about having a website with all your contents accessible in one space.

Aside from your contents, you will also have your about section that carries your complete professional musician bio, and also a contact me page that contains all your contact details; incase people picks interest and decides to contact you.

If you need a professional website, you can follow this link and contact an online agent that will build one for you at an affordable price.

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