How To Promote Your Music Online In Nigeria

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This article will definitely show you how to simply promote your music online in Nigeria.

Overview of Alaba Intetnational Mix

Few years ago, Alaba international mix was the best offline short cut to blow in Naija music industry.

And funny though, it was very few artiste who knew the trick.

The trick was to put your music in at least 10 to 20 Alaba mix collection, which was dropping every now and then.

When your song plays everywhere and becomes popular, marketers in Alaba will then be looking for you, in order to negotiate your selling a full album for them to market.

Back then Record Labels were not rampant as it is today in Nigeria.

I vividly remember just two of them.

Kennis Music, that signed 2baba and the rest, and CornerStone that signed the Ajegunle superstars, Danfo Drivers.

Timaya was one of the musicians who blew through this trick.

He promoted the single “Dem Mama” in Alaba mix, and I heard he sold the full album around 500,000 (Five hundred thousand Naira).

Online Music Promotion Today.

But today, percentage of music distribution in Nigeria has been hijacked to the internet. And for that reason, Alaba mix is not the only way for artiste to blow in the modern music industry.

Even today’s DJ’s are saving their music collections and playing them in their laptops.

Instead of the CD’s and CD player that was used back in those days.

Now even though the modern musicians do not understand the power of Alaba mix promo, let us see how the same strategy can be used to promote music online in Nigeria.

An upcoming artiste can promote his music and blow today by adopting the Alaba mix mentality into the internet.

The Trick For Promoting Your Song Online

The trick is simple, and it is to upload your songs in at least 10 – 20 online music promoting sites.

When I say ‘music promoting sites’ I am not referring to those websites where you can upload your songs for free, and share to your social media handles. Which most often cannot even give you 50 likes.

Rather, I am referring to those sites where you will be charged a certain fee, so that your music can be shared across several platforms the owners of those sites owns or belong to.

They will also help to put your song on their landing and interested pages. Where thousands of people who are visiting their sites daily can have access to listen, watch and download.

Most of this sites are expensive, just as Alaba mix used to be back in those days.

But there are still some who understand the economic situation of the country and charge affordable prices.

It is also important to note that, most of the sites that are just starting out are the ones that charge reasonable amounts.

Still, most upcoming artiste run away from them because they feel they do not have enough audience.

It’s only that, they are blind to the fact that these new sites are the ones who will give them positive results.

Because they are spending more money, as well as, applying every possible technique everyday to attract more audience in order for their business to grow.

After all, those other sites that have millions of followers began with a single follower.

And as the days went by, their audience multiplied to the point it is today.

Results Of Using This Trick

Now let’s finally assume you have been able to have your songs being promoted in 20 online music promoting websites. The results then will be that, everywhere people are surfing the internet they are coming across your song.

Secondly, you are now becoming very visible in google’s search engine.

So that when people are up there searching for anything that relates to, either your name or the title of your song; your song appears and they have access to listen or probably end up downloading it.

This then is the same thing as when Alaba mix used to be played everywhere, and more people will stumble upon new songs.

Soon enough DJ’s will have your song in their laptops and bump it in every club and party places.

Those who heard or gyrated to your song will start looking for it.

They will even end up following you on your social media handles, and this in the long run will aid the rapid growth of your fan base.

People everywhere will begin to book you for shows, corporate bodies will reach out to you for endorsements.

Record label owners will be searching for your contact in order to sign you in for a record deal.


My brother, a word they say is enough for the wise.

Therefore, if you want to promote your music online in Nigeria. Try as much as possible to flood the internet with your song.

Have them on at least 10 to 20 online music promoting sites.

And in the next few days you will be surprised to see what great results you will have.

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