How To Motivate Yourself To Study.

I know you are reading this post because you always seem to lack the motivation to study, but don’t worry because I am going to show you how to motivate yourself to study.

But before I do so, let us briefly see the reason why you always lack the motivation to study.

Why do I lack the motivation to study?

You lack the motivation to study because you are doing a course or vocation you aren’t passionate about.

One thing I’ve come to learn about in life is that, we will always find ourselves easily doing anything we are passionate about, no matter the situation or circumstance.

On the other hand, forcing yourself to do anything you are not passionate about will always make you get easily tired and probably put off doing it till some other time you may never get to do as you proposed.

Now let us move on to look at the ways you can motivate yourself to study.

How to motivate yourself to study.

You can motivate yourself to study in the following ways:

  1. Be passionate about your course or vocation.
  2. Think constantly about your future.
  3. Set a studying schedule and stick with it.
  4. Avoid a comfort zone when you are studying.
  5. Find a study partner.
  6. Seek mentorship.
  7. Don’t compare yourself with others, rather try to emulate them.
  8. Avoid procrastinating.

Be passionate about your course or vocation.

Passion will always remain the driving force for humans to learn and get better at whatever they set out to do or achieve in life.

It is however sad so many people are forced into studying a course or vocation because of family and peer pressure.

Some parents will tell their children to study a course simply because they or someone in the family has excelled in it. And even students themselves will choose a particular course simply because their childhood friend or someone close did or is doing the same course.

But in the end, they seem to find difficulty in keeping up with their studies because they eventually start to hate that particular course or vocation.

I made this kind of mistake in my high school days when I chooses science subject over arts because most of my friends were doing so. And the result was my inability to come out with good grades, and not until I changed to arts subject in 2008 when I resat my SSCE that I finally had the needed grades after 9 years of my first graduation in 99.

Therefore, you must always ensure your line of studies revolves around the courses or vocations you are very passionate in life if you want to be motivated to study.

Think constantly about your future.

You must be aware of the fact that your studies is the key to your future, and even if you never know what the future holds keep it in mind that you are the one that holds your future, and that studying hard is what will determine that future.

Even though there might arise times when it seems the future is unsure because of certain obstacles you are encountering in life, understand there is no perfection in life and normality is a paved road which even though it’s comfortable to walk in it has no flowers.

Set a studying schedule and stick with it.

Having time for studies is another way to motivate yourself to study because having this kind of schedule will help you to form a habit.

And once the habit sets in, you will always find yourself sticking to your studies without stress.

Avoid a comfort zone when you are studying.

Avoid a comfort zone, example that favourite place you often go to have lunch when you want to study because it will rob you of the motivation to study.

Find a study partner.

Having a study partner is one great way to motivate yourself to study, but you must ensure that such person is someone who is so passionate about studying.

The advantage of having a study partner is that, whenever you lack the urge to study he will always put you on track by either coming around or forcing you to come over for studying.

Seek mentorship.

Aside from a study partner, a mentor is also someone who can motivate you to study whenever you don’t feel like it.

But also ensure that your mentor is someone who has had a remarkable score for studying. People like lecturers, teachers and professors are a good choice of studying mentors.

Don’t compare yourself with others, rather try to emulate them.

It is certain that you will always have that person around who always comes on top of the class, so instead of wishing you were like that person do your best to emulate him.

And of course the only way to do so is to buckle yourself down to study.

Avoid procrastinating.

Procrastination is an enemy of studying because the proposed time and place might never come to reality or be favourable as you thought. So if you want motivate yourself to study, avoid procrastination at all cost.

If you have to study here and now, don’t put it off till tomorrow or somewhere else, rather set yourself up and do the needful.

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