How To Motivate Yourself To Sleep At Night.

Losing sleep at night is one of the problems we battle every other time as human beings, and the worst part of it is that we often times do not seem to understand why sleep refuses to visit us at night.

For this reason, I am writing this post to help you know how to motivate yourself to sleep at night, so that anytime you seem to lose sleep you might adopt this measures or even make it an habit to prevent losing sleep again at night.

But before we do so, let us see what is the cause of lack of sleep at night?

What is the cause of lack of sleep at night?

Lack of sleep at night, also refered to as insomnia, are caused by certain health and psychological problems like depression, stressful physical and metal events like loss of job or a loved one, divorce, lack of finance etc.

Below are therefore how you can overcome all this and motivate yourself to sleep at night.

How to motivate yourself to sleep at night.

You can motivate yourself to sleep at night in the following ways:

  1. Schedule a specific time to sleep every night.
  2. Physical and spiritual exercise.
  3. Eat wisely.
  4. Avoid bright lights in the room.
  5. Play music.
  6. Read or write.
  7. Get online.
  8. Watch movies.
  9. Don’t take caffeine or nicotine.
  10. Use natural sleeping aids.
  11. Avoid a noisy roommate.
  12. Take a shower.

Schedule a specific time to sleep every night.

Having a specific time you go to bed every night will soon help to form an habit that will ensure you become sleepy when the exact time comes.

So try and look for a convenient time every night when you would be through with all your goals for the particular day.

And in the case that an emergency occurs, make sure you pick it up again the following day so you don’t lose the habit.

Physical and spiritual exercise.

You cam motivate yourself to sleep at night by engaging in one physics or spiritual exercise or another.

Physical exercise may simply be to take a stroll around the compound or even the corridor if the compound is not big enough. You can work to and fro until you begin to feel a bit tired for sleep to slowly set in.

Spiritual exercise includes prayer, meditation, incantation etc or whatever practice you use in your religion to attract spiritual assistance. The aim of this physical exercise is to call on the Divine to assist you have a peaceful night rest.

Eat wisely.

Another way to motivate yourself to sleep at night is eating wisely, that is eating no food and eating too much of food.

Both hunger and too much food are capable of making you lose sleep at night, and for his reason you must have moderation when eating at night.

The key is to eat the measure that will help you to catch sleep once you get on the bed.

Avoid bright lights in the room.

While so many people do not have the problem of sleeping with any kind of light at night, there are yet so many who are allergic to catching sleep in a room that is too bright and I am one of these kind.

So it’s either I totally switch the lights off or have a coloured bulb which is not too bright in a room when it’s time for asleep at night.

Thus, if you observe that you have this same problem, ensure you always avoid bright lights in the room when it’s time to sleep at night.

Play music.

Playing music is one of the ways I use in catching sleep whether in the day or night.

However, I know that this might not work for everyone, therefore you need to experiment to see if it’ll work for you.

For instance, my Uncle is fond of reading when the music is playing but I personally do not read with the music on because it tends to distract me so much.

Read or write.

You can also motivate yourself to sleep at night by picking a book to read or write anytime you seem to lose sleep.

Reading and writing has the tendency of making one feel asleep at night, that is why you will find lots of students having a study group which will help them to not sleep during night class.

Get online.

Surfing the internet is another way to motivate yourself to sleep at night.

You can read articles, watch tutorials or even engage with social media posts while waiting for sleep to come calling.

But you need to ensure you switch off your data or if you are using a computer unit before the sleep finally takes over you.

Don’t take caffeine or nicotine.

So many beverages and food contains caffeine and nicotine as compounds to enable people avoid sleep when they have some important tasks ahead.

I personally take energy drinks anytime I don’t want to catch sleep because they contain caffeine.

Nicotine is contained in cigarettes, that is why smokers battle too much with sleep in their life time.

Use natural sleeping aids.

There are lots of drugs that contain natural sleeping aids which helps people to fall asleep when they swallow them.

I won’t recommend any here but rather plead you to meet with your doctor for the recommendation of any sleeping pill.

Avoid a noisy roommate.

Having a noisy roommate who performs certain actions like coming home late nights, banging the door up and down when it’s time for bed, or snoring heavily while asleep at night is one of the reasons lots of people are not able to sleep at night.

Take a shower.

A cold or warm shower at night might just be the thing you need to call asleep, so just try it out today and see for yourself.

Good luck!

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