How To Motivate Yourself On Monday Mornings: 6 Tips.

How To Motivate Yourself On Monday Mornings 6 Tips.

On this article, I am going to help you understand how to motivate yourself on Monday mornings, and I am going to give you 6 powerful tips.


Let us first of all see what happens on Monday mornings.

What happens on Monday mornings.

Monday morning often leaves us feeling sluggish, especially if the weekend was fun-filled and wonderful.

We hate the fact that we will be returning to our studies (if you are a student), or our work (if you are a worker).

A hint of the wonderful weekend still hangs on our minds, and unless you find your motivation for Monday, it might really seem hard to have a good day.

This might leave you mad at your colleagues, and can probably make you have a run in with your Boss, if he attempts to give you a hard task to accomplish for the day or week.

That is why it is very necessary to begin every Monday with a positive mental attitude which help you to have an optimistic disposition in every kind of situation, attract a positive change and above all else increase your achievement in life.

Positive thinking is contagious, and that is without a doubt. It is certain that people around you will easily detect your mental moods as it affects them directly.

And if you are seeking a leadership role, it is very important to acquire the skills that will help you handle this reality.

The importance of positive thinking

Research at Michigan State University reveals that regular positive thinking can help you to develop an inner peace that will lead you to succeed in achieving your goals; it will also help you to make improvement in your relationships, health, happiness and personal satisfaction. 

Maintaining a positive mental attitude is also very important because it eill put you in the right frame of mind which will nable you to adopt habits you can draw upon in whatever role you want to play in life.

Below therefore are the 6 tips on how to motivate yoirself on Monday mornings.

How To Motivate Yourself On Monday Mornings: 6 Tips.

1. Take It One Thing At A Time.

Always aim to focus your attention on one thing at a particular time.

That is to say, you must allow your mind to focus on one task at a given time; and when you are able to do this, it will help to boost your creativity as well as maintain your concentration.

And you will realize that each time you complete this one task, you will be motivated to get on and accomplish another second and more task.

2. Write Down Your Tasks.

Your list does not necessarily have to be an essay.

Instead jot a few notes down that will help to remind you of the tasks you need to undertake as well as the deadline for accomplishing each of those task.

3. Have A Plan And Stick To It.

In order to motivate yourself on Monday mornings, you need to have a plan and stick to it.

If you have too mucg work creeping on you, you are likely going to feel tired or confused at a point in time.

Therefore, you need to access your workload and develop a plan from it. And once your plans are laid out, make sure you do not deviate or switch over to another plan until you accomplish the one at hand.

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4. Make Sure You Have The Necessary Resources/Time To Accomplish Your Task.

Access your tasks over and over again to look for the necessary or needed resources that is going to help you achieve them.

Also, check for the needed time frame you will use to achieve those tasks.

Now ensure those resources and time are within your reach before you ever set out to carry out your task.

In so doing you will have the capacity of reaching your goals with a sense of accomplishment.

5. Have An Effective Time Management.

The key to achieving your goals will lie on your effective time management.

And this means you must start as early as possible and have adequate time to take a break, prepare for lunch and also take the time to talk to the people around you.

If you want to remain productive, you must have time away from your desk and work; because if you wear yourself out during the morning, you are likely going to become hungry, tired and irritated.

And this will definitely affect how your afternoon is going to play out.

6. Always Take Out Time To Review Your Performance.

When you start to achieve your goals you might as well pat yourself on the back like ‘Boy, you did great! you are truly a genius!.

However, it will be more than beneficiary for you if you learn how to identify the areas you need to improve on.

Because what you consider as a great accomplishment might be a very little achievement for someone else out there.

So make sure you take note of the things you did to achieve a particular goal and check for what you might have done differently to achieve that goal more greater.


Now keeping this 6 tips in mind will not only help you to motivate yourself on Monday mornings but also help you get your new week off in the best possible start.

And by setting and accomplishing small and scalable goals every week, you are more likely to make progress in your chosen career.

And if you have been struggling to motivate yourself on Monday mornings to no avail, you can follow up our daily motivational and inspirational quotes that will help you to catch the right motivation every blessed day.

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