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How To Motivate Yourself In The Morning.

The break of every new day gives human beings another opportunity to either complete the task they left off the previous day or embark on a new task and work hard the whole day to complete it.

But many a times, certain circumstances behind human control always crops up to make the day un-motivated for us to do anything tangible.

And for that reason, you must seek and find ways of doing the things that will motivate you every morning if you really want to get to and stay on top or become successful in life.

So in this article, I will try my best to show you he things you need to do to motivate yourself every time you wake up in the morning. But before I do so, let us briefly see why you don’t seem to have any motivation in the morning.

Why do I have no motivation in the morning.

There are so many reasons why you have no motivation in the morning and some of them includes losing sleep at night, depression, anxiety, physical and mental stress, nightmares, boredom, waking up too early or too late etc.

How to motivate yourself in the morning.

Below are the ways you can motivate yourself in the morning.

  1. Set your alarm.
  2. Spiritual and physical exercise.
  3. Drink enough water.
  4. Take a good balanced breakfast.
  5. Listen to your favorite song.
  6. Write down your goals for the day.
  7. Avoid daily routines.

Set your alarm.

If you want to motivate yourself in the morning make sure you set your alarm to the time you wish to get out of bed, because waking up too early or too late is one of the reason why humans lack motivation when they wake up in the morning.

Say for instance, if you are supposed to be in the office by 7am, you must be able to figure how many hours it will take for you to carry out your early morning routine before you set out for work.

Spiritual and physical exercise.

Performing your spiritual and physical exercise is one of the ways to motivate yourself in the morning.

Spiritual exercise will vary amongst humans depending on their religious status or discipline. For example, as a Christian, the spiritual exercise I need to perform every morning when I get out of bed is prayers.

And one thing I want us to note here is that performing a spiritual exercise in the morning is often times very difficult because the Christian adversary is working tirelessly to ensure we do not meet up with our daily goals.

So what I do when times like this occur is to just lay on my bed and begin to meditate, then I start off quietly with some spiritual songs or hymns and before I know I will find myself either on my knees or up standing and praying profusely.

Now the reason we perform this spiritual exercise is to seek the help of the divine who we believe will give us the needed motivation that will help us to accomplish our goals for the day.

On the other hand, the physical exercise can take simple steps like going for a little workout, even if it’s in your small corridor or backyard.

Drink enough water.

Do you know that dehydration can cause the lack of motivation in the morning, and the only way to cure that is drinking enough water immediately you get out of bed.

Symptoms of dehydration have been spotted to include dizziness or confusion, extreme thirst, etc. So whenever you spot any of this symptoms when you wake up in the morning, make sure you drink enough water.

Listen to your favorite song.

Music has been known to change human mood at any given point in time, especially if it’s a favorite song, so whenever you lack motivation in the morning, ensure you listen to your favorite song.

I love listening to music I used to play when I was younger because I discovered that they usually bring back those good old feelings that gets me excited at any given point in time.

So just try this out and thank me later.

Write down your goals for the day.

Writing down your goals for the day is another great way to motivate yourself in the morning.

When you write down your goals, it will help you to discover the basic things you need to do in order to get going for the day as well as give you that mental picture of already accomplishing your goals even before you get started.

Writing down your goals will also help you to spot the mistakes or errors you need to avoid as you keep glancing over it again and again.

Avoid daily routines.

Doing the same thing over and over again every other day will usually get you bored, and boredom has been found to be one of the reasons we lack motivation in the morning.

Therefore, you must always seek to find new goals you can add to your daily activities, and this will help you to avoid a daily routine that might make you end up bored.

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