How To Motivate Yourself At A Job You Hate.

I always tend to wonder why people hate the job that is putting food on their table because the only reason one should hate a job is the fact that it is not profitable at all.

Therefore no matter how stressful work may be, you have no reason to hate it if it’s your only available source of income. So if any job is not profitable, my only advice would be for you to quit it and look for another job.

However, if it is work that is beneficiary but you just find yourself hating it for reasons best known to you, I encourage you to read this article in order to discover how to motivate yourself at that job you hate.

How to motivate yourself at a job you hate.

  1. Realize why you need the job.
  2. Evaluate your goals.
  3. Have a positive mindset.
  4. Learn new skills.
  5. Take short breaks.
  6. Know your competitors.
  7. Look for a partner.
  8. Be grateful.

Realize why you need the job.

The first step to motivating yourself at a job you hate is to try and realize why you need the job.

If the job is your only available source of income, then hating it will mean that you do not want to survive, because if you quit it without any other job that’s forthcoming, you won’t have the money to meet your daily needs.

But when you can realize why you need the job, you will find the motivation to keep yourself on it.

Evaluate your goals.

Another way to motivate yourself at a job you hate is to evaluate your goals to discover the ones that interest you or you are passionate about.

Certain goals make a job boring, and they are the main reason why you will always find yourself hating that kind of job. But if you can evaluate your goals and find other means you like you can use to achieve them, then you are likely going to find yourself being motivated to be that job.

Have a positive mindset.

Having a positive mindset will motivate you to like a job you hate because it will keep you believing that everything will be better someday. And the hope will never allow you to abandon the job even if the getting better someday never comes.

One thing I like about a positive person is that they will always believe that tomorrow will not be like today, and as we all know, there are a thousand tomorrows in a man’s life for him to keep on believing.

Learn new skills.

The current skills you are implementing on your job might just be the reason you seem to get unmotivated about it.

Therefore, you need to learn or acquire new skills that will help you find the job more interesting.

Take short breaks.

Taking short breaks at a job you hate to find motivation will depend on your employment status.

If you are working for someone, such an opportunity can only come if you are on leave or given off duty. But if you are self-employed, then taking short breaks at a job you hate is absolutely in your hands to decide.

On the other hand, if the job has a deadline you ought to deliver then you just need to force yourself to be motivated at it.

Know your competitors.

Knowing your competitors will motivate you at a job you hate when you see them attaining the goals or achieving the success you thought was not possible in your chosen field.

Look for a partner.

Having someone who is at your same job as a partner is a great way to motivate yourself at a job you hate because both of you will encourage and support each other when the need arises.

Loneliness is one thing that kills motivation a lot, but when someone is there for you to share your ideas, then getting anything done is going to be a lot easier.

Be grateful.

No matter how you hate a job, there is someone out there who is praying to have such an opportunity. And for this reason, you must always be grateful for even being able to find a job that you hate.

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