How To Monetize Your Blog With Ads.

How To Monetize Your Blog With Ads.

If you started your blog with the goal of making money in mind, then one of the ways to monetize your blog is by showing Ads, and in this article, I am going to show you how to monetize your blog with Ads in 2023.

Even if you succeed in getting most of your post ranking on search engines, and in so doing attract massive traffic on a daily basis; if you are not able to convert those visitors into income sources, then your blog is better off than stay.

Considering the fact that you will be spending money every year to run the blog through hosting, premium themes, plugins, etc.

One of the most common ways you can earn from your blog is by displaying Ads; which is a short word for advertisement.

Before now, showing Ads on a blog was real hard; because you must have a needed amount of steady traffic; before the Ads, providers will admit you into their program.

But today there are several Ads providers, that do not restrict blogs that have low traffic from getting an account with them; and obtain the codes to display Ads, and start making money bit by bit as their traffic increases.

What is Blog Monetization?

Blog monetization is the process of earning money from a particular website or blog; through the display of advertisements by online corporations that provides content and offers that people can follow to purchase.

What are Ads?

Ads is a shortened term for advertisements.

It is a process whereby businesses or individuals, who are trying to market their products or services; advertise them online to drive their promotion efforts.

Ads may appear on a channel, such as YouTube, Google search results, inside apps, on websites, and almost anywhere there is the availability of it online.

The advertiser often pays a fee to the content publisher, such as a website owner, search engine, or app developer; in order to rent their space for the purpose of advertising.

How To Monetize Your Blog With Ads.

Monetize with Adsterra And Propeller Ads.

I am certain you have seen different kinds of Ads displayed on blogs you’ve visited.

The Ads type ranges from Vast to Native banners, Pop-ups, etc.

Now, what happens when you follow those Ads from that particular site is that the owner of the site; known as a publisher, is earning a particular amount of money; which was paid by the owner of the other website you followed; known as the advertiser.

Before now Google was the one providing Ads service globally, but Google’s policies were and are still hard for so many blogs and websites to meet up.

But today there are several Ads providers that will only require you to sign up for an account, get a code, copy it and paste it on your website, and start displaying ads on your blog.

I want to recommend these 2 Ads providers that will not take you long in having Ads displayed on your site, and they are Adsterra and Propeller Ads. You can follow any of them to sign up for an account and start earning right away.

Monetize With Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is the number one Ads provider on the planet at the moment.

But unlike the Ads providers we mentioned above, Google has policies that require you to meet up with before they can allow you to display Google Ads on your blog.

So before you ever think of joining the Google AdSense program, you must first and foremost read and study their program policies and stick to them, or else your blog or website will never be accepted into the program.

And even if they accept you into their program, you need to stick to their policies; as its violation may warrant your account being suspended or terminated indefinitely.

You can follow this link and learn how to join the Google AdSense program and start earning in 2023 and beyond.