I know you’ve been wondering how to monetize a blog or website, especially in this 2022 where every business seems to be moving online, that is why I am going to reveal to you the various ways and means of monetizing your blog in 2022 & beyond.

While many consider blogging as a hubby, few are generating so much income from blogging on a daily basis.

It might also interest you to know that gone are the days when monetizing a blog used to be very hard because of the policies issued by many Ads providers, especially concerning traffic; but today you can begin to monetize your blog or website with zero traffic on a daily basis and start making more money as your traffic increases.

So if you’ve been running a blog for a while now and have not been able to monetize it, this post will really help you learn how to go about the process of monetizing your blog or website in 2022 & beyond.

Monetize with online Ads providers.

I am sure you have visited so many blogs and websites where you are bombarded with different kinds of Ads, ranging from Vast to Native banners, Pop ups etc. Many a times you discover a product or service that picks your interest in this way, and then click and go to that website to engage with their services.

Now what happens when you follow that Ads from that particular site is that the owner of the site, known as a publisher is earning a particular amount of money which was paid by the owner of the other website you followed, known as the advertiser.

Before now Google were the ones providing this service globally, but their policies were and is still hard for so many blogs and websites to meet up.

But today there are several Ads provider that only requires you to sign up for an account, get a code, copy it and paste on your website and start earning instantly as people click through the Ads.

There are lots of Ads providers online today, but I’d like to recommend this two Adsterra and Propeller Ads. You can follow any of them to sign up for an account and start earning right away.

Join the Google Adsense Programme.

Another way to monetize your website or blog in 2022 & beyond is by joining the Google AdSense programme.

Same as Ads provider above, once you join the Google AdSense programme, it means you have given Google the power to run Ads on your blog or website.

You are the publisher, and those who are paying Google for those Ads displayed on your site are the advertisers.

And as people will be following your site to engage in those advertisers business, Google will pay you outrightly.

Before you ever think of joining the Google AdSense programme, you must first an foremost read and study their programme policies and stick to them, else you blog or website will never be accepted into the programme.

And even when you are accepted into the programme, you need to stick to their policies, as it’s violation may warrant your account being suspended or terminated indefinitely.

You can follow this link and learn how to join the Google AdSense programme and start earning in 2022 and beyond.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing arrangement where an online retailer pays commission to an external website that generates traffic or sales for them through its referrals.

You can follow this link and learn all you need to know about how you can make profit online through affiliate marketing.

Sell Ad Space Directly to your visitors.

You can create an advert on your site or place banners on strategic positions of your website asking your visitors to advertise their products or services on your website for a particular fee.

You can add a screenshot of your daily traffic chart to show your visitors the number of people they are going to expose their business to on your site on a daily basis.

Accept Sponsored Blog Posts.

There are advertisers who are willing to run sponsored posts on blogs and websites, you can look out for them directly and using the same strategy of showing them your daily traffic chart can help you monetize your blog or website with sponsored posts.

Offer Paid Membership On Your Blog Or Website.

Of course, this is going to depend on how relevant and needful your contents are.

If you have those contents that meets the public appeal and you have the right amount of traffic flowing to your blog or website on a daily basis, you can create a paid membership area where people will have to pay to get access to those relevant contents.

Write and sell Ebooks or Other Digital Products.

If you have ebooks or other digital products like Audio Mp3 messages, videos etc, you can offer them for sales on your blog or website.

Offer Online Courses or Paid Webinars.

If you are a motivational speaker or tutor, you monetize your blog or website in 2022 by offering online courses or hosting paid webinars.

If your contents are inspiring and good then you will be adding more and more subscribers as you keep going.

Accept Donations.

Now instead of selling your ebooks or offering online courses and webinars, you can give them out for free but add a donation button calling on those who find your contents good and interesting to donate in order to keep you on the profession.

You can outline how you are going to use those donations, and keep in mind that this is a freewill giving, and people love free things more.

But since human beings can never escape their conscience, those who will be coming back to your site for more of your stuffs when they find how interesting they are will be pricked by their conscience and they will definitely donate.

This type of monetization is mostly good for religious blogs and websites.

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Last modified: February 20, 2022



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