Newbies in web design have always lived with the notion that once a website is designed and made visible on the internet, the whole process of building a website is done, not knowing that the hardest and time consuming part in web design is how to manage the website.

Back in the days, web design was only done by experts through a system unit, either a desktop or laptop; but today any one can design a website even from a mobile phone.

What is Web Management?

Web Management involves creating pages and posts, uploading and updating contents, promoting a website and above all else making a website searchable on search engines, hence the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Traffic is one word that all site owners in the world understand and pursue at all costs, because when people are not arriving at your site, either through promotions or search engines, whatever contents you are having there is irrelevant.

Depending on the kind of site you own, your main aim should be to attract visitors who will accept and patronize any service you offer, buy whatever product you are selling or read the informations you have presented for them.

And for this reason, you must have a targeted traffic because if your website is visible through search engines to someone who is searching for your products or services, your ability to sell to those searches will be much easier and higher than if you are spending money to target random people through the use of online Ads.

Therefore, in this article, I will take the time to offer you a step by step guide (with images) on how to log into your WordPress dashboard, create posts, upload your contents and finally publish it to your website.

And all ths will be done from your mobile phone because gone are the days when one needed to own a system unit (desktop or laptop) before one could manage a website.

How to manage a website from a mobile phone.

Add /wp-admin/ to your website URl as seen in the image above and the next page will open as seen in the image below.

Insert your WordPress username and password on the specified areas and click “log in”.

Next click on “Menu”.

Click on post.

Click on “Add New”

Once the above page opens, add the title of your post and write the body of your post on the

specified block.

Next you will have to click the settings icon circled on the above image to add your categories tags and featured image.

Now click the link “Add new category” and the image below will open. Name the category you want your post to belong. E.g. music, movies, videos etc. Categories are where you will group your post for your audience to experience an easy navigation on your site.

Now go to the next image to add your tags and featured image.

Tags are specific words that will link the post to other posts on your website, so write your tags on the specified block.

Now click on featured image and the next image will open.

Click on upload and it will take you to your phone storage where you will select any image you have there for your featured image.


Click the + icon and the next image will open.

Click on audio if it’s an audio file you want to upload, or scroll down and click on video is it’s a video file you want to upload.

Whatever file you want to upload, the link will take you to your phone storage where you will select and click on any of the files you wish to upload.

At this point I believe that all is set, so just go ahead and click on “Publish” and another page will open asking you to confirm if you really want to publish your post, click publish again and a pop up message asking you to view your post will open, click it to finally view your post on your website.

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Last modified: May 30, 2021



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