How To Make Your Songs Trend On Social Media Platforms.

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This article will help you possess the basic knowledge of how to make your songs trend on social media platforms.

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There is a whole lot of hard work and stress in the process of music making. And once the track is finally mixed and mastered, the hardest part of the work and stress must begin.

And this process is how to get your songs out to the teeming online fans, who are consuming music at higher rates.

It is much easier and fast for artiste who already has a large social media following.

But for artiste who are just starting out, lack of recognition will make music consumers skip their posts.

And one of the reasons they give is, wasting their mb on another wack song from an upcoming artiste.

Few downloads may come from your family members, close friends and colleagues.

But social media followers who do not know you personally will most times, never care to listen or download your songs.

For this reason, you must grow out of the popular trend of posting links to your songs on your social media accounts. And implement the following strategies I am going to show you.

1. Reach Out To Ordinary Social Media Users Via DM.

On this method, you will have to start looking out for ordinary social media users, who likes to share the music they listen to.

And how will you find these kinds?

Go to your similar artiste social media accounts, i.e, the musicians in your genre. And dig out posts carrying links to their songs on the internet.

Now check out the profiles of those who have shared their songs, and send them direct messages.

Be mindful of your choice of words.

You can start by thanking them for being fans of an artiste you love so much. Probably your role model.

Now tell then why you choose that artiste as a role model, and kindly ask them to check a track that artiste inspired you to make and tell you if it’s good enough.

Now after sending the DM, wait for those who will reply. And once they do, thank them passionately and ask them to help you share it on their accounts.

Now for those you don’t get quick replies, send them a second DM, telling them you know how busy they are to reply your message and kindly ask them to please do you a favour by sharing your music on their social media accounts.

Continue this tradition every now and then across all your active social media accounts.

And to know if you are getting positive results, watch how your listening and downloads are increasing on the sites you blog or upload them.

If you are however getting no positive results, it might be that your music is not good enough.

So you must restart your career by making music that’s good enough.

2. Reply To Posts From Social Media Influencers.

As an up and coming artiste, you should be following a whole lot of social media influencers, or call them public figures.

Whether they are musicians, actors and actresses, comedians, DJ’s and even the Shatts Bandles and the Hush Puppies.

Now on this method, all you have to do is give reasonable comments on most of their posts.

Most people think that social media influencers are too busy to read what people are commenting on their posts.

But I hope those who have this misconception understand the fact that, reading comments on their social media accounts, is the only way social media influencers know the minds of their fans.

And in doing so detect the next content they should be creating.

The secret here is to be mindful of the comments you are making on their posts.

I see most upcoming artiste make the silly mistake of posting links to their songs on public figures posts.

Some of them even go the extent of begging for a ‘follow me I follow you’.

If you have been doing that as an up and coming artiste who wants to become a superstar, stop it from this moment and always find relevant comments to make on social media influencers posts.

The trick here is for the superstar to notice you as an ardent follower or die hard fan.

And once they repost, retweet or even reply to your comment, know there and then that you have attracted his or her attention.

Now even if they don’t, after you are able to do this devotedly for at least 6 months or 2 year, go ahead to send them DM’s.

Now ensure that you don’t beg them to share your music via the DM. Rather, ask them how they feel about your song.

And even if they reply or not, you can follow with another DM that begs them to please share your music.

Don’t send just one song and think it will impress them, rather, follow up your DM’s with Freestyle videos, cover songs, promo videos etc.

Because the more contents you send will make them realize how serious you are taking your career.

And once you establish that, you will see the positive feedbacks you will get. It can even end you in getting a record deal.

And even when you are getting this positive feedbacks, never stop to continue commenting on their posts.

3. Pitch Your Tracks To YouTubers.

These days, majority of up and coming artiste who submit their songs on digital platforms have a copyright on their tracks.

And as a result of that, YouTubers cannot use those tracks on their video backgrounds.

Therefore, you have to go a searching for YouTubers who create consistent contents, and have thousands, or maybe millions of subscribers.

Now how will you contact this YouTubers when you’ve found them?

Just go to the About Me section of heir channel and get their email address.

Attach both your track, instrumental and the link to your song online on the email, and tell them your song is Royalty Free, and they can go ahead and use it on their video backgrounds.

Finally ask them to return the favour by putting the link to where people can either download or stream the song online.

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