This tutorial will help you learn how to make your songs trend on social media platforms.

There is a whole lot of hard work and stress in the process of music making. And once the track is finally mixed and mastered, the hardest part of the work and stress must begin.

And this process is how to get your songs out to the teeming online fans, who are consuming music at higher rates.

It is much easier and fast for artiste who already has a large social media following. But for artiste who are just starting out, lack of recognition will make music consumers skip their posts.

And one of the reasons they give is, wasting their mb on another wack song from an upcoming artiste. Few downloads may come from your family members, close friends and colleagues.

But social media followers who do not know you personally will most times, never care to listen or download your songs. For this reason, you must grow out of the popular trend of posting links to your songs on your social media accounts.

And implement the methods I teach on this tutorial.

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Last modified: February 20, 2022



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