How To Make Your Cover Songs Really Stand Out.

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How to make your cover songs really stand out. Chapter 1.

Before you start making cover songs, the first thing you must bear in mind is how to make your cover songs really stand out.

This article therefore aims at showing you the basic techniques of how to make your cover songs really stand out.


There are so many reasons why upcoming musicians always prefer making cover songs at the start of their career.

And some are:

  1. Lack of funds to pay for a studio production of a debut single, EP or an album.
  2. They just love to sing that particular song, or the owner of the song is someone they are trying to imitate.
  3. Our own 9Ja upcoming musicians are fond of thinking that. Making cover songs will impress the original owner, and in so doing, make him to either reach out to them for a collabo, or a record deal.

Why you should make cover songs.

The main reason you should make a cover song is, to do what people should have expected in that song, and the owner did not do it.

Also, your cover song should be a means of showing the original owner, and even other artiste and fans that. You can do even more better than the big artiste, if given the chance.

Whatever is your own reason for making cover songs, the most important thing you must target is, how to make your cover song more better than the original owner.

I therefore urge you to make good use of this article to achieve making a great cover song, through any of the techniques you will chose.

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