Ever wondered how you can start making money from their Audiomack, then this article is for you, and if you patiently read it to the end with all amount of understanding, then you will know how to make money from Audiomack through the Audiomack Monetization Programme known as AMP.

What is Audiomack?

How To Make Money From Audiomack. (AMP)

First and foremost, AudioMack is the latest music app that gives musicians the opportunity of uploading and sharing their songs on the internet, either for promotional or advertisement purposes.

Audiomack users are also allowed to create a playlist, which can enable them play unlimited songs from their favourite artistes.

Unlike other music streaming apps, Audiomack can be used for free; and also every Android phones also supports the use of Audiomack.

However, we are going to see how to make money from Audiomack in this article.

How to make money from Audiomack?

How To Make Money From Audiomack. (AMP) 2

Currently, unlike other streaming Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc. Audiomack is not yet optimized for generally paying musicians according to how their music is being streamed.

Consequently, on other music streaming Apps, you can only upload your songs through a third party known as the Aggregator or Distributor. But on Audiomack you can create an account and start uploading your songs by yourself.

Perhaps this is the reason why Audiomack does not outrightly pay musicians. But legend has it that, Audiomack is doing this for promotional purposes.

In other words they are using the free upload to make their App popular, and in due course will monetize it and disable the free upload features.

However, Audiomack has a pro-service for monetization known as AMP; which enables musicians to monetize all their streams through embedded players on 3rd party sites.

But same as we have in Google Adsense, SoundCloud, Spotify etc, this service requires an application and approval before you can start using it.

And so long as you do not violate their terms and services, you will get approval after you apply and so be able to earn money from Audiomack.

How to apply for Audiomack’s AMP and get approval.

How To Make Money From Audiomack. (AMP) 3

First of all you must already have an active Audiomack account, and if you have none, then you can learn how to sign up for Audiomack here.

  • Upload your songs (singles and albums) to your account. Make sure your songs are of high-quality, and not those ones you record with a phone App.
  • Complete all the necessary information on your profile, and make it look as if you are already an A-List Artiste.
  • Ensure you connect all your social media handles.
  • Make sure your Metadata is accurate, and you can achieve that by always uploading or editing your uploads on a desktop or laptop; or use your phone’s desktop version and not the App.
  • Now visit the official Audiomack AMP application page here
  • Click on APPLY for AMP button.
  • Go to the contact us category and select “AMP Application”
  • Enter your email address, and also give reasons why you need this account on the note section.
  • Finally click on the submit button.

Wait untill you get approval with instructions on what to do next.


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Last modified: April 18, 2022



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