How To Link Your Google Analytics And AdSense.

Congratulations! Glad your site has been marked “Ready” for Google AdSense, and Ads have started to show on your blog, which means you’ve finally monetized your traffic.

Now the most important thing you have to focus on is to study how your Ads is performing day by day; as you keep busy creating more contents that will rank on Google search engines, and in so keep bringing traffic to your blog.

To do this you must keep a steady look on and study your Ads traffic via Google Analytics, and the only way you can do that is to link Google Analytics and AdSense.

Benefits of linking your Google Analytics and AdSense.

Linking your Google Analytics and AdSense will enable you to see your AdSense data in Analytics.

It will also allow you to properly view Analytics metrics which includes your site users; bounce rate, new and returning visitors, percentage of page views and traffic channels on your AdSense homepage cards.

Before you link your Google Analytics and AdSense.

Make sure your Google account AdSense login has both administrator access to your AdSense account; and also edit permission on your Google Analytics property.

Also, if you are trying to link a new account and either your Google Analytics account or AdSense account that is closed; you need to re-open the closed account and remove the link, before you try linking to another account.

Instructions for linking your Google Analytics and AdSense.

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click on the Admin tab.
  3. Check the “Account” column to select the analytics account which contains the property you wish to link with your AdSense account.
  4. In the property page, select the Analytics property you want to link and click on AdSense jump.
  5. When the AdSense linking page opens, click + New AdSense link.
  6. Go ahead and select the AdSense property you wish to link with Analytics property.
  7. Click on continue.
  8. Select the Analytics view that you want your AdSense data to be.
  9. Click on ‘Enable link’.
  10. And finally click ‘Done’

Congratulations again because your Analytics and AdSense accounts are now linked.


After linking your Adsense account and Analytics property, the one thing left to do is to set up the code you want to use in tracking your AdSense sites in Analytics.

N/B: It will take at least 24 hours for your data to populate in your reports.

You can follow this link to read the Google AdSense programme policies.

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