How To keep Faith, Even In Difficult Times.

How To keep Faith, Even In Difficult Times.

You might be wondering how to keep faith, even in difficult times, relax and read this article and you will obtain that faith that will help you to overcome whatever situstions you might be going through in life.


There is one thing that helps faith to thrive in a human’s life; and it is called faith.

Faith is what enables people to show and maintain love, even where others have failed to do so.

The most inspiring, strongest and successful people in history have been known to be the ones who choose to keep faith, no matter how difficult the times might get.

And knowing that faith goes hand in hand with love, the more you are able to choose love, the greater your faith is going to grow.

In an upside down world full of poverty, war, pains, catastrophe and all negativities you could ever think of, it is very easy to lose hope.

Under negative circumstances, it might seem pointless and weak if you try to weather the storm and become successful in life.

Keeping faith can seem difficult, but if you ask me, it should be the greatest purpose or task you should pursue in life.

How To keep Faith, Even In Difficult Times.

How To keep Faith

1. Meditate And Pray.

Prayer can be seen as an act of communicating with the divine.

Whether you believe in a Supreme God or lesser gods, the universe, ancestral spirits or whatever higher force you choose to believe in for the supernatural motivation and inspiration you need, you should use meditation and prayer as a means of communicating with them.

Your purpose of the communication is to tap the spiritual strenght you need in order to grow.

Meditation and prayer has the ability of giving human beings that confidence that will produce faith in the long run.

Thus, whenever you are going through difficult times and you need the faith that will help to push you through; make sure you use meditation and prayer to connect with your higher force.

Ask God, the universe, or whatever higher force you believe in for the strength to love to your full potential. I try to keep an open dialogue with the source of all love to guide me through difficult times.

2. Be Kind And Generous To Others.

Kindness and generosity has a spiritual inclination that will help you to keep faith.

The golden rule of life states that, what goes around usually comes back around.

So therefore, when you are able to provide for someone who is in need; you will succeed in replacing the sorrow or pains that person feels with joy and happiness.

And for that reason, when the time comes for you to be in the same shoes; the source of life will also produce someone who is going to take away your own pains and sorrows.

Thus, you must try as much as possible and at all times to be kind and generous to your fellow human beings if you really want to keep the faith, even in difficult times.

3. Be Inspired And Motivated.

You should always try as much as possible to catch the inspiration and motivation that will help you connect to faith.

To be inspired and motivated, you must read about the lives of people who demonstrated faith in amazing ways, especially during difficult times in order to come out successful.

Such stories abounds and you just need to have access to them.

Being inspired and motivated does not really entail imitating the person who inspires or motivates you; rather it is a means of getting to know that is it was possible for such a person to rise above such situation and become successful, it can also be possible for you.

4. Surround Yourself With Faithful People.

At times, we need to physical connect with someone who will give us the encouragement that will propel us to success.

And for that reason; one of the ways to keep faith is surrounding yourself with as many faithful people that you can.

You need to choose the kind of friends who refuse to settle for less but keep big dreams and moreover work hard towards achieving them.

There is an adage that says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”.

Therefore, walking with people who maintain faith will definitely help you to also keep faith, even when times are difficult.

5. Rise Early Everyday To Get The Ball Rolling.

Set aside at least 30 minutes every morning to rise early and reflect on how you are going to respond to whatever will come your way today.

Ensure you consider the possibilities of setbacks and difficulties that might be a part of the day.

No one wishes for these things but it’s certain they are a part of life and hence must be considered at all times.

Sometimes fear is even needed for one to keep the faith; because avoiding fear itself will produce faith in the end.

So therefore, make sure you start your day with the momentum that will help you to make, ebven the hardest decisions that will help you push through whatever might surface during the day.


Faith is the decision to make it possible even when it seems impossible.

It is certain that you will always wake up some days feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders; but instead of giving in and settling for less, make up your mind to keep faith, and you will be glad of the end results.

Good Luck!

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