In this article, you will learn how to join a record label in Nigeria, and we will try as much as possible to give you 7 powerful tips.

First and foremost, when you think about a record label; think about a group of wealthy business men, who are desperately in need of a commodity or product; to buy and sell, in order to make so much profit.

Now consider yourself, the artiste, as that commodity or product.

And always be reminded that, there is no business man on this earth who would chose to buy a commodity or product he has already seen as, unfit or not good for consumption.

A little history of how I began my record label.

Back in 2013, I decided to set up a small home recording studio in my own bedroom apartment, so with the little resources I had, I purchased few equipment’s and in no time began to make beats.

My initial plan was to make my small studio an independent recording studio i.e. a studio where I can produce just my own music.

But when other upcoming artiste in my environment heard that I had opened a recording studio, they started coming around; and before I knew, we were producing music for, both myself and other upcoming artiste.

Nevertheless, we had one challenge, and that was how to make a quality sound production.

I remember I had no sound card, which is very important for getting that clean sound.

So we were managing the internal sound card of the system unit.

As God would have it, I was able, with time, to raise money and purchase quality equipment’s.

Plus my friend Los Jigi, brought for me quality sound record systems from Lagos.

After having good sound production, I began to lose interest in making my own music, so I concentrated more on being paid by upcoming artiste to make music.

But the problem I had was that, those artistes were always unable to raise a reasonable amount of money for their production.

All of them were looking to produce a track with 5,000 naira.

I thought of ways to make the business work out but to no avail.

Until one day, it dawned on me that I should gather some artiste that are good and start a record label.

And for that reason, I began to surf the web looking for articles to read, in order to understand the ways and means I will go about running a record label.

In the course of my research, one of the areas I was more concerned with was, what record labels really look out for in an artiste before signing him.

And so, I thought it wise to gather the knowledge I gained, as a potential record label owner, and use this medium to enlighten artiste here in Nigeria, and anywhere else in the world; on the how you can join a record label in Nigeria.

1. Make good music.

The reason why so many people do not care so much to listen to upcoming artiste, is because of the low quality production they carry around.

Yes! The first question that comes into the mind of a record label owner, when he is being presented with the work of an upcoming artiste he has never heard of before is:

“Has he been able to pay for an expensive studio in order get a quality sound production.

Secondly, most upcoming artiste do not even know the kind of music they should make.

Imagine an upcoming artiste singing about how he has made it, and when he comes through people scramble to him for autographs.

When in the actual sense, he is roaming the streets on foot, or probably carrying blocks in a building site to earn a living.

Thirdly, scores of upcoming artiste put out songs that are whack or makes no sense at all.

Sometimes their song title and what they are singing about are totally different.

So in summary, to make good music you must ensure that you find a good record studio, and pay good money in order to get a good sound production.

Secondly, be mindful of what you are singing about, especially in boasting songs.

Never give record labels the reason to put your CD in the dustbin by trying to tell who cares in your song that, you cruise around town in three Ferrari’s, surrounded by 50 models etc.

Definitely they are going to dumb your CD in the trash.

Because if you already have the money, what then are you looking for in a record deal.

Why not use your own money and set up your own studio and become a label owner.

Also make sure your lyrics and intonations are good.

If you are not too good in writing or composing, find someone who can write very well to edit your songs before you hit the studio for the recording proper.

2. Shoot a music video.

how to join a record label in Nigeria

It is no denying of the fact that a good music video will easily expose an upcoming artiste and make record label owners reach out to him.

But it’s however sad that, so many upcoming artistes believe that, it is too expensive to shoot a musical video these days.

Yes! It is very expensive to shoot a music video only if you are looking for top music directors like, Clarence Peters or Unlimited L.A; to handle your video production.

But I want to let you know that, there are so many aspiring and good music directors out there.

Who are looking for an upcoming artiste with a low budget; and sometimes even no budget, to shoot a niece music video for, in order to make a name.

Even if the top directors are shooting with expensive cameras to achieve a clean video background.

I bet you, there are upcoming music video directors who can achieve a very niece video background with a Canon 60D camera, which is color corrected in postproduction.

So all you have to do is go… (If you really want to know the 7 tips on how to join a record label in Nigeria Click here to finish reading this article).

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