Bringing visitors to your blog is an inportant thing, but the most important is converting those visitors to followers and customers, and to do that you must know how to increase the trust of your blog visitors.

Yes! Trust is what will make anyone who visit your blog to purchase your good or services.

And one thing you need to understand is that people who buy products online are very sensitive individuals.

Some of have fallen victim to online scamming, and after then became knowledgeable in the act of purchasing, or engaging in any service online that requires them to pay.

I’ve personally had cases where meeting my customers one on one was the only way I could receive money to work for them.

I remember once when a client gave me a cheque to go and withdraw in the bank the first time we met, an after I delivered his service, he then began to make transfer for payments of other services.

Consequently, when people visit your blog for the first time, there are things they are going to look out for in order to be certain you are for real.

And most of the ways you will increase the trust of your blogs visitors are:

1. Make your website secure by using SSL certificate.

SSL certificate is that padlock 🔒 that appears at the left hand side of your browser, close to the domain URL.

This padlock proves that you have a valid security on your website, and it is safe for anyone to do business with you.

Lack of SSL certificate will make a warning ⚠️ sign appear in that position instead of a padlock.

And this is a threat for both yourself and online visitors because, it will make hackers gain access to personal informations from both sources.

Therefore, there are millions of visitors who make it a point of duty to check any website for this let before they can stay there.

If you lack it then, you can imagine how many visitors, who might have become customers, you will be missing.

2. Use high quality images.

There are so many people who understand things more with an image than they do with text.

Besides poor quality images on your blog will give give it away as amateur, or lacking the financial strength for it’s funding.

So make sure you look for sites that have copyright free images to use on your site.

You can even put the image under a simple design you do with your laptop.

Agoid using images you download directly from search results, because they are always of low quality.

Png images are the best to use on your blog.

Last modified: October 1, 2021



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