Using Freestyle Videos To Grow Your Fanbase.

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Using freestyle videos to grow your fanbase

This article exists to show you as an upcoming musician, ways of using freestyle videos to grow your fanbase.


The online community is structured in such a way that.

If you create and publish posts consistently, and few people starts to engage with them. Algorithm will organically push your posts out to reach more and more audience, whose interest matches with your posts.

And these audience are likely going to follow or like your accounts to stay updated.

As a musician therefore, you should think of creating and publishing more and more contents. Whether on your social media accounts or your official website.

And one of the contents that is easy and less expensive to create is a freestyle video.

Thus, I will try as much as possible in this post, to show you how to use freestyle videos to grow your fan-base in the online community.

Below therefore are the guidelines you should follow, if you want to using freestyle videos to grow your fanbase and in so doing blow your music career real fast.

1. Prepare Your Freestyle Skits.

Yes! Think of your freestyle videos as a short skit you will be producing to impress and engage people.

What you will need to write is your vocals. Or you call it short verses.

Just because they call it freestyle doesn’t mean you should sing everything off head.

Unless you are naturally gifted in singing off head. Never make the mistake of trying to let out the verses in your video off head.

Rather, pen the words down, and edit them afterwards. Practice and memorize everything before you ever get in front of the camera.

Simply because you use your verses on your freestyle videos doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using them in your official song.  

Because you can later pick out the best verses in your freestyle videos for your official studio recording.

Lastly on this point, you are free to use your official studio recordings for your freestyle videos.

But what you should note while doing this is that, you shouldn’t use the whole song for the freestyle video.

Instead, pick out the best part of your song – might be your bridge or chorus – for your freestyle video.

2. Organize A Team.

Don’t try to do it all alone. For instance, don’t make the mistake of trying to shoot the video by yourself, if you’re using a phone.

Rather, get someone who will be able to give you nice shots, to handle the phone.

But if you are close to a cinematographer, try and talk him into helping you anchor the shooting.

Appeal to his interest, and there is no way he will hesitate to work with you.

Tell him to have his imprint on the video. For instance, “Taculia Shot It”.

Tell him he will be the one to shoot all your official videos, if you eventually blow.

Also, don’t allow him to do everything free of charge. Rather, talk him into charging you what you will be able to afford.

Aside from a cinematographer, another important person you will need is a make-up artiste. That is someone who will make you look good.

Do the same thing you did with the cinematographer on every other people you know should be part of your team.

3. Don’t Make Your Freestyle Video Boring.

Don’t just be standing in front of the camera performing all your freestyle video alone, to avoid them getting your viewers bored.

And for that reason, you need to add some spice to your skits.

So try and dig out upcoming models and dancers you can be showcasing on your videos. Especially very beautiful girls.

And since they are also going to be a part of your team. Use the same technique you used to get those other team members, to get them too.

4. Be Committed.

I bet you don’t ever want to be the one postponing or calling off a production, after everyone else have been fully prepared.

It is ok for a crew member to be absent at any given time, cuz you can always find another person who is even more better as a replacement.

But since every team member is going to be looking up to you, ensure that you are even more than committed.

Phone calls and text messages reminding every crew member of the next shooting, will go a long way to keep them clued.

Checking up on them also will give them a high sense of belonging, and above all, the zeal to put in their best to keep the project going.

5. Establish A Brand.

The brand you must establish here is the name you will give to your freestyle skits.

Take comedy houses for an example, they all have their brand.

Mark Angel Comedy, Xploit Comedy, Broda Shaggy. Etc.

We identify those we mentioned by their names.

So think of a brand for your freestyle videos.

You can name it for example ‘freaky freestyle with Taculia’.

And since you will be dropping them from time to time, you have to give them an update. Something like episode, season, session etc.

So when you do that, you will now be having, ‘Freaky freestyle with Taculia’ (Episode 1) and so forth.

6. Make Quality Your Watchword.

Your audios and videos should be mixed down and rendered in the best possible quality.

Even if you will be tracking the audio while shooting, make sure to follow the necesary procedures to capture the best audio sound, devoid of background noise.

And if you are also going to use a phone for shooting, make sure the basic guidelines are taken to achieve a clear and nice picture quality.

For an in-depth guide on how to shoot the best freestyle videos on phone, read this article: How to shoot a freestyle video with a smartphone.

7. Set Your Schedule.

The 2 basic schedules you must set are your production (shooting/editing) and posting schedules.

For the shooting and editing schedule, don’t try to shoot just one freestyle skit a day. Instead, target like 4 to 5 freestyle videos which will last you for at least 1 month.

And this means, you need to get to locations and customers on point during the production day.

And to make it less stressful, choose locations that are not far from each other. Unless you have a car that will convey your team to the next location without much wasting of time.

As for your posting schedule, you need to set aside one day in a week you will be dropping your freestyle videos.

When you think of Mark Angel’s comedy, what quickly comes into your mind is “See you next Friday” .

So you must announce the next day people should be expecting your freestyle video in all your subsequent videos.

And with that you are done setting your posting schedule.

8. Be Consistent In Posting.

Gradually, viewers who picks interest with your freestyle videos are likely going to keep a date. Anticipating to see what you are going to entertain them with on your next video.

So the biggest mistake you will make is skipping or failing to post a new freestyle on the main day.

If you do that more than twice, you will definitely see how many fans you are going to loose.

So make sure you are consistent in posting your freestyle videos.

9. Post And Promote On Other Peoples Accounts, Pages, Groups And Blogging Sites.

Never be limited in your posting.

Even if you have thousands of people following you on your social accounts, you still need to reach out and get more and more people watching your freestyle videos.

It is a fact that, not all the people who follow you on social media will always pick interest on everything you’re doing.

And for that reason, you need to target other people’s accounts as well.

Therefore, like and follow other pages and groups that will allow you to post your freestyle videos on their timeline.

Remember, you’re not only going to post once in a while, so engage in other people’s post on those accounts(that is like, comment and share other peoples post) and ensure everyone notice your presence.

Another important thing you should do is to reach out to the owners of those accounts, and let them help you post directly to their account.

Now don’t forget the saying that free drinks will always get you drunk. So reach out to bloggers who charge fees you can afford and let them post your freestyle videos on their website.

That way, you will be able to have visitors going to those websites watching your freestyle videos. And you just don’t know who will pick interest and reach out to you.

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10. Use Ads To Reach A Wider Audience.

You’ve been posting on other people’s account and blogs, and by now your videos are supposed to be going viral.

But it’s time for you to make it go more and more viral. And you do that easily by setting aside a little capital to boost your freestyle videos.

We also call it running Ads.

Now Facebook and Instagram are the current popular platforms to run Ads and get effective results as you go.

But it will be more expensive if you run the Ads differently on both platforms.

So to make it less expensive, connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. And boost the post on Facebook.

Just go to placements and switch your settings to automatic. And that way the Ads will run on both platforms with no additional charges.


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