How To Grow Your Fanbase Using Freestyle Videos.

This tutorial will help you learn how to grow your fanbase online using freestyle videos.

The online community is structured in such a way that. If you create and publish posts consistently, and few people starts to engage with them. Algorithm will organically push your posts out to reach more and more audience, whose interest matches with your posts.

And these audience are likely going to follow your accounts or like your pages to stay updated.

As an up and coming musician therefore, you should think of creating and publishing more posts on your social media platforms. And one of the contents that is easy and less expensive to create is a freestyle video.

Thus, I will try as much as possible in this tutorial, to show you how to use freestyle videos to grow your fan-base in the online community.

Below therefore are the guidelines you should follow, if you want to use freestyle videos to grow your fanbase and in so doing blow your music career real fast.

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