How To Get Your Songs On Spotify Playlist.

This article will help you to know how to get your songs on Spotify playlist.

1. Create a Spotify for Artists account.

2. Submit your unreleased music to the Spotify Editorial team for playlist consideration.

3. Submit your song to independent curators such as SoundplateIndiemono, and Spingrey

4. Send an email or message to the playlist curators and ask them to add your music

5. Look for a high performing playlists by a record label and check if they will sign you.

6. Create themed playlists that features music from other artists, and make sure you regularly update your playlists.

7. Support and also share other artists’ playlists. Also, follow those artists you like because it will help your fans discover the music you’re into.

8. Share your playlists on social media, blogs, and music related websites, and it will help you to expand your exposure.

9. Promote your music on Spotify. Encourage your fans to follow you and to listen to your music on the platform.

10. Ensure you release quality music that stands up to well-performing tracks.

11. Be active and proactive, try as much as you can to grow your followers, and increase your streams.

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