This article is going to show you how to get your music noticed online here in Nigeria.

These days music promotion is predominantly done online here in Nigeria and everywhere else in the world.

Therefore, if you are an independent musician looking to build your fanbase online; you must make your music available online for music consumers.

Yes! There are millions of music consumers online looking for the next hit to listen to.

But the greatest challenge for musicians is how best to get their music infront of these kinds and turn them into loyal fans.

And this article is going to reveal to you how.

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Now let’s get into the core of this article, shall we?

1. Distribute your music to streaming stores.

Online music streaming has really come to stay in the modern music industry.

And it’s evidence in the fact that it is growing at a full speed; and as an upcoming musician in the modern era, you must never be left behind.

Lots of music lovers are using one streaming app or the other to discover as well as listen to new and even old music every single day.

Thus, you should give this music listeners the opportunity to easily and quickly discover your music and listen to it on their favourite streaming app.

And you can do this by ensuring that all your old and new releases are accessible across every streaming app you feel your potential fans are spending time on listening to music every single day.

There are scores ofthem like: Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Pandora, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal etc.

After your music is successfully submited for digital distribution, you can then use ads to reach a broader audience.

Audiomack and SoundCloud will allow you to upload your music freely and easily, and in order to upload to other platforms, you will need to use a distributor also known as an aggregator.

When your music is distributed to the stores, aside from having your fans listen to it, you can also make money from your music online.

One of the best and fastest means of getting your music noticed online by music lovers in Nigeria; and even in the whole world, is getting your music featured on streaming platform’s curated playlist or trending sections.

To do this, you need to go online and search for playlist curators on any digital streaming platform you want your music to be featured on a playlist.

But then you can also make your own playlist or become a playlist curator and add your own music to your playlist.

Because if you include and share other artists music on your playlists; it can encourage lots of your potential fans to listen as well as share your playlist online.

Also, you need to promote your playlist after creating them in order to keep your followers engaged; and in so doing increase the chances of people listening to your music.

3. Use Social Media to promote your music.

When it comes to music marketing and promotion, social media is where it’s at.

Facebook, Insragram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter etc are all precious assets for artists to get their music noticed online in Nigeria.

You’ve got to use them to share all your latest releases, events, playlists, news updates etc.

You can make it more personal by taking your followers behind the scenes by sharing your latest stories, experiences, advice or any work in progress.

This will help you to strongly feel your followers in on your personality and in turn make yourself identifiable to earn your followers trust, loyalty and support.

It is also important to connect and engage your followers via comments and messages which will prove to them how much you care.

This way, you will be able to turn your followers into loyal fans.

You can also connect with fellow artistes; both A-List and upcoming, and get them to share your music infront of their audience as you do theirs with your audience too.

4. Upload and promote your music on music blogs.

Music blogs that have thousands, or maybe millions of visitors are so many here in Nigeria.

So you need to look for and contact them to help you promote your music online.

Though it is really expensive to put your music on blogs; there are still many blogs out there that are cheap and affordable.

Look out for opportunities for these blogs to feature your music on their best artiste of the day, week, month etc.

Because, this can really put you in front of a new audience; who could possibly become a fan after listening to your music.

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