How To Get More Followers On Social Media.

This article aims at providing the basic tips on how to get more followers on any social media platform.


It is no denying of the fact that so many public figures wouldn’t have been popular, if not for social media.

The most important thing is that social networks are very free and easy to access.

All you need is an email or phone number to create a username and password. And within few seconds, you will gain absolute control of a social media account.

Social Media has been able to connect friends, as well as keep family members, who naturally would have been lost ot separated by distance, close.

Moreover, social media is one great platform that enables so many businesses to reach their potential customers.

In other words, business people can make profit from their goods and services via social media.

But a big problem lies in the fact that, if you don’t know how to properly use social media, you will never be able to connect with an audience; or even find old and new friends.

This article will therefore teach you how to get followers on any social media of your choice.

Below are the steps you need to follow.

1. Make Sure You Understand Any Platform You Sign Up To.

So many people make the mistake of trying to sign up to every social media network they find on the internet, without understanding how they work.

Every social network has varying features, as well as a particular service they expertise on, or offer the most.

For instance, YouTube is known for allowing it’s users upload, share and watch visual contents.

Facebook will never allow it’s users to upload audio directly to their platform.

A link cannot be shared on an Post, except you attach it to your bio.

This few and several other features are what one must seek to discover, before attempting to use any social media network.

What am trying to say here is that, one has to understand what a particular social platform does, how their users use it and who those users are.

And once you are aware of these facts, you will then decide which platform is suitable for your goals.

For instance, if your aim and target is just to connect with friends or family members, the best social network to use is Facebook.

This is because Facebook seems to be the platform that just everybody understand and uses.

If you want to use social platforms for business, you must ensure that your customers and consumers are on the platform you choose to use.

Because no matter how relevant the contents you are publishing and sharing on Facebook are, if your buyers are not there, there is no need in using it at all.

2. Choose A Niche

The greatest mistake you will be making is getting on a social media network to publish random post or contents.

When I say random, I mean posting whatever comes into your head or mind.

You must understand that people’s interest online varies a lot.

For instance, everyone on social media are not there to listen to music.

And as a result of that, it is useless having such people as followers on your account as a musician.

Therefore, you must make sure that your social media presence clearly defined your personality, goals, values etc.

So that those whose interests matches with yours may settle down as your followers.

Remember, clicking the like or follow button to become a follower is never a guarantee of a person remaining on your account forever.

As people are likely to dislike or unfollow you once they discover the contents you are putting out does not match their interest.

So you must chose a niche (profession) you are into, and use that as the basics for your social media contents.

3. Establish Your Persona.

Your profile/cover photo, bio and overall contents should be able to quickly speak volumes about who you are, and what you really stand for.

Even more so, if you are using more than one social network, ensure that each and everyone of them relates the same story, as well as project the Sam tone for you as a person or brand.

Online social media users are looking to connect with a brand that pursues their interest.

And for that reason, publishing mix and contrasting contents will end up confusing your followers, who may immediately dislike or unfollow your accounts.

For example, if you are a doctor, dont publish or share contents relating to the law firm.

Make sure your contents reflects your profession, so you can be able to attract and engage with like minds.

It might interest you to know that social media users need clarity and trust on accounts they do.

And you will get them easily hooked when you are able to establish your Persona on your social media accounts.

4. Look Out For Your Competitors.

Yes! You are never alone in the social media space.

Whatever profession you represent or whatever products or services you are offering, you need to understand that, there are others who are doing the same thing on any social network you are using.

And these kinds in essence are your competitors.

Thus, you must go a searching for them.

And you do that by studying what platforms they use the most. What contents they are uploading, and how often they upload those contents.

Above all else, you also need to study how many people are engaging with those contents.

I hope you know the 3 means of social media engagements: likes, comments and shares.

So once you realize the particular contents people are engaging with the most, you can borrow ideas buried in those contents to create your own contents.

But please ensure that yoi are not doing copy and paste on people’s contents.

Rather, form a roadmap out of what your competitors are doing and start off by doing even more better than they did.

And in no time you will see the number of their followers you will convert to your side.

5. Network A Lot.

Just because you know who your competitors are doesn’t mean you should try to outshine them or avoid them completely.

No! It doesn’t work that way.

Reaching out to your competitors is one great way to grow your media followers.

Though most of them will try to play God and look on you as an upcoming

But remember they too were one upcoming.

And keeping that in mind, shun those who will not respond or accept to connect, and follow those who will humbly embrace your mentorship request.

The question now is: how do you find and connect with your competitors?

You can do that by engaging in their contents.

Tagging them on your own contents, especially those that has a Call-To-Action.

As well as sending them DM’s.

Most of them will have official websites, so dig them out by going to their contact areas to either drop messages, chat the up on Messengers or WhatzApp, or even call them directly.

Few of them might be organizing webinars, annual events or conferences. So look out for these kinds and engage with them wholeheartedly.

Start a virtual conversation about their events, telling them how excited you are to be learning from them, and how much you look up to them as mentors.

And once you are able to attract the presence of, even one of them, then you may be mentioned in a post or contents that will reach their followers; whom some might end up following you.

6. Interact With Your Audience.

One great way of gaining your followers confidence, and getting them to stick to your contents more and more is by interacting with them directly.

And you do this by replying to their comments on your post as fast as they are coming in.

Make sure you answer any questions they ask you directly.

You can even go as far as tracing some their contents and commenting on them.

There is nothing that excites people on social media more, than receiving feedbacks from those they look up to.

That’s the very reason these platforms are called social.

Never be carried away by the fact that your contents are so interesting, and more people are engaging with them.

I bet you that soon you won’t find those engagements again, once people end up thinking they are fake or robotic posts and loose interest after all.

7. Publish And Share Only Relevant Contents.

Contents! Contents!! Contents!!!

Can social media survive without them?



Because contents are the only thing that keeps people engaged on social platforms.

And it’s not just any contents, but relevant, i.e high quality ones.

You must publish and share them every now and then on your social accounts, if you want to keep your followers hooked to you or your brand.

When you have more and more engagements on your contents, algorithm will then help you to push them out for more and more engagements.

Now, the most important point to note here is that, you should not be sharing your contents only on social platforms.

Because your followers will soon find you to be selfish and abandon you.

The 70-20-10 rule on social platform says that, the contents you are sharing should be adding value and building your brand 70% of the time.

Other posts and ideas should be 20% of the time, and you should promote your brand only 10% of the time.

For this reason, it is only 10% of your contents on social media, that should be promoting your business or brand.

Cuz what people need most on social platforms, are valuable contents and information.

8. Use Relevant Hashtags.

It is now time to optimize your posts for new people to find them.

And how do you do that?

By using relevant Hashtags.

What is an hashtag?

An hashtag (#) also known as the pound sign; is a tool attached to words on social platforms.

For the purpose of aggregating random audiences towards specific contents.

Hashtag is likened to a keyword on a website or blog posts.

They help social media post to be found by search engines, in search results.

When users are searching for this hashtags, they are able to find related posts they can follow on social media.

9. Boost Your Posts.

All the points stated above might be a bit difficult, because, they can only be achieved organically.

But if you want the easiest but expensive way out, then to can invest some capital and boost your posts.

Some of us call it running Ads.

We cannot seem to deny the fact that social platforms are owned by top business minded figures.

Who are looking for a payback or gain for their hosting and several other expenses that enable you use their platforms.

And for that reason, you must be willing to pay to play, if you really want to achieve the best results from social platforms.

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