How To Get Cheap Web Hosting Providers In Nigeria.

How To Get Cheap Web Hosting Providers In Nigeria.

If you are planning to build a blog or website in Nigeria, then you will definitely need a fast and reliable web hosting service to power it, and in this article, I am going to show you how to get cheap web hosting providers in Nigeria.

I hope by now you know the purpose of a web hosting provider because without it there is no way people can find your domain in cyberspace.

In every sense of the word, hosting is the powerhouse of every blog or website.

And whatever problems it causes will definitely affect the blog or website.

Thus, I am going to write this article based on my personal experience in web hosting.

Why I am using a web hosting service based in Nigeria.

I once used an international web hosting provider, but the main problem I faced was a lack of good customer service, since I settled for using a hosting service based here in Nigeria, I am not having that issue, or any other for over 2 years now.

Am saying this because lots of bloggers in Nigeria write against using a web hosting service in Nigeria. But I believe bloggers should not choose web hosting based on its location; but rather on how good and reliable they are experiencing its services.

And having been convinced of the customer service and reliability of the 2 web hosting providers am using in Nigeria, I can perfectly say that I made a good choice in leaving the foreign web hosting service I used before.

Why I abandoned my international web hosting provider.

When I began my profession as a blogger, I was using an international web hosting provider; where I hosted like 6 to 7 domains on their unlimited hosting plan.

A year later when my billing cycle was due for payment, the hosting provider had changed their payment method; which made it difficult for me to make payments with my master card as I used to.

I approached them about the issue, and they told me to look for another hosting service provider. And the painful part of it is that it took them like 3 days to give me a response.

While the worst part of it is that they never responded again when I told them to set a payment method that will favor me here in Nigeria.

They refused to chat with me back or reply to my support tickets.

So in desperation; since my service had a few days to expire, I purchased a hosting plan in Nigeria so I could move my domains, but I was only able to move 3 domains before my service was suspended.

This particular domain was one I was able to move, but the painful part of it is that I was unable to restore the backup I made from the other service.

And as a result of that, I lost all my files and had to install the blog afresh and start blogging all over again.

Why web hosting in Nigeria is good, even though it may seem cheap.

There are several articles online that condemn using a web hosting provider in Nigeria, simply because they are cheap.

Many of them claim that the domains hosted on these services are slow. In other words, are not optimized for speed. And they blame it on the web hosting providers.

But as a web engineer managing so many blogs and sites hosted by Nigeria web hosting providers, I want to let you know that the speed of a blog or website does not necessarily depend on the hosting provider, but on how the particular blog or website is optimized.

There are several measures you need to implement to make your blog or website load as quickly as possible, and also make it mobile-friendly; since a good percentage of traffic is nowadays generated on mobile devices.

So if you are running a blog or website built and managed by someone else where you lack access to the C-Panel where it is hosted; never blame the slowness of your blog on your hosting provider.

Often times most of the caching and backup plugins you are using are slowing your WordPress blog down so horribly.


Finally, I want to recommend; based on the good service I experience daily, the 2 cheap web hosting providers I am using here in Nigeria; and are Domainking NG and TrueHost.

And if you run into any issues using them, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.