If you want to know how to get cheap and affordable music promotion in Nigeria in 2022, then this article is really for you.

Lots of upcoming artiste in Nigeria are finding it very difficult to get the best out of their music promotion.

This is due to the high cost of music promotion by popular music blogs in the country.

And the saddest part of it is that, after paying this huge amount of money to the popular music blogs; these upcoming artiste still find it hard to blow into the music industry as they thought.

The truth about online music promotion.

Online music blogs depend on their organic visitors to consume the music of upcoming artiste they are promoting.

You also need to understand that it is not only music that brings this visitors to these blogs, most of them pursue interest that differs.

Another reason is that, most music consumers do not care to listen to music from upcoming artiste; as they hold the view that their music is of low quality and standard.

Thus, these music consumers need to relate with you first as an artiste, and be certain your music is dope before they even care to listen or download your music.

Strategy for cheap and affordable online music promotion.

Below are the various strategies used to achieve cheap and affordable online music promotion.

1. Search engine optimization.

The biggest benefit of promoting your music on music blogs is that it will help you appear on Google and other search engines.

And this will help people who are looking up for you on Google or other search engines to find you.

Also, if your artiste name or song title relates with other keywords, then you will also appear when people are searching for those keywords.

So whether you promote your music on popular or upcoming blogs, you will still appear on search engines.

2. Press coverage.

Any blog that wants to give you an effective online music promotion will help you to get press coverage.

It is this press coverage that will help online music consumers get to know you well, and in so doing build in them the confidence that will move them to listen or download your music.

You can read the next article to learn more about press coverage: How Press Coverage Can Blow An Upcoming Musician In Nigeria.

3. Artwork and banner promotion.

There are fans who need to see you again and again before they can be moved to listen to your music.

And for that reason, a music blog will use artworks and banners to blast you in front of their visitors who will be moved one day to listen and download your music.

This artworks and banners will contain clickable links where people will follow to download and listen to your music.

4. Music awards, DJ mix and playlists promotion.

Another means of achieving cheap and online music promotion is by including your songs in proposed music awards, DJ mix and playlists.


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