How To Get A Quick Loan In United Bank For Africa (UBA).

How To Get A Quick Loan In United Bank For Africa (UBA).

So many people have been wondering if there is a way they can get a quick loan from the United Bank For Africa (UBA) and if you are one of those I will show you how to get a quick loan in UBA.

It is no doubt that the United Bank For Africa (UBA) is one of those banks in Nigeria that provides financial assistance to their customers in the form of loans.

In UBA, you can get loans that range from personal loans to individuals and co-operate loans for businesses.

Advantages of getting loans from UBA.

There are several advantages of getting loans from UBA nd some of them are;

  • You will only be required to repay 5% of your outstanding balance every month until the end of the six months tenor when you will have to repay the total outstanding.
  • UBA will always make funds available for you via loans when you do not have sufficient funds.
  • UBA has solicitous, individualized, and convenient terms of repayment
  • You will also enjoy a competitive interest rate.

Formats of loans offered by United Bank For Africa (UBA).

Below are some of the formats of the loan offered by United Bank For Africa (UBA).

  1. Co-operative Loans 
  2. No Wahala Loan
  3. Executive Loan
  4. Cash Collaterised Loan

1. Co-operative Loans 

With Co-operatives loans, UBA provides loans to fund Cooperative societies of blue-chip companies. Individuals can use this loan to finance their business or create a new business if you want to.

2. No Wahala Loan

No Wahala Loan is a personal loan from UBA that allows its customers to spend a little more money on what they really need at the moment like groceries, tuition fees, medical bills, etc.

3. Executive Loan

The Executive Loan is only given to UBA salary account holders for a specific purpose; that is to say, those who earn executive-level salaries to acquire.

4. Cash Collaterised Loan

A consumer loan allows a UBA customer to get funds in Naira, the US dollar, Pound sterling, and the Euro using their cash deposits, investments, and/or their equivalents.

How To Get Quick Loan In United Bank For Africa (UBA).

  • Simply complete a UBA Online consumer loan application form (PDF) or go to any of the bank branches or download the form to make an inquiry, see the loan requirements and Complete a UBA Consumer Loan Application
  • Submit the UBA Consumer Loan form to any UBA branch that is close to you.

UBA also offers different kinds of loan from Mortgage finance, Diaspora mortgage finance, and loans for businesses.

All you need to do is walk into any branch of UBA or call a UBA customer service representative for more inquiries if you want your loan request to be approved.

UBA loan requirements.

  • 5% monthly repayment for a 6 months tenor until you are able to repay all your outstanding debt
  • You need to be a UBA account holder
  • You must receive a salary through UBA for at least 3 months before you are eligible to apply.
  • You must not have any issue with returned cheques due to insufficient funds
  • You must complete a Letter of Set-Off or Lien or Deposit Hypothecation Agreement in the name of the owner.
  • You also need to complete a Letter of Confirmation of Collateral.

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