2022 is almost here and you need to start now and plan on how to generate sales for products on your blog, and this article is going to show you just how to do so.

1. Write articles about your products.

It has been discovered that products that sell well online are those products that people have a full knowledge about.

And the best way to do this is to write an article about that product.

Don’t just upload images of your products to your online store and add a short description, then sit back and hope people will find it online and come flooding in to buy.

Rather, create useful contents with several titles; it will be best if you have more than one blog, and at the end of that article you add a link to where people can buy the product.

Now even if one of those articles rank on search engines and begin to bring traffic, you will find yourself selling your product with all amount of ease.

You can even reach out to your blogging counterparts and let them help you create still more contents for that product.

2. Use high quality photos to showcase your products.

You need to have a clean and high quality images that showcases your product.

Here a professional photographer to take the pictures for you and don’t try to do it with your phone. If you can’t hire a professional photographer, then you can check out these tips on how to take enticing product photos by yourself.

Another point to note is, do not post just one product image; rather take different angles shots of the products and post them sequently.

And that is just what will attract your customers to buy your product.

3. Use promotional videos for your products.

Research has always proved beyond reasonable doubts that video contents makes it easy for people to understand descriptions of a product more than they do with images, texts etc.

And for that reason you should make promotional videos for your products.

Basically, there are 2 Kinds Of Videos You Can Create For Your Product

And you can do so by either hiring a professional cinematographer or using a professional video app like this 2in1 Video Traffic Maximizer to make stunning and engaging promotional videos.

You can as well read this article to also learn How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using 2in1 Video Traffic Maximizer.

4. Use email marketing to connect with your customers.

You can use any eCommerce platform that helps you to automatically collect email addresses, which in turn will enable you to easily show your new products to your customers.

Another way to collect more email addresses is by offering a subscription form or option on your blog, and a call-to-action askingyour visitors to subscribe.

After that you can create a newsletter to update your customers on your new products.

5. Add a chat feature on your blog.

Adding a chat feature on your blog is one way that will give customers the confidence to opt for your products after having a one on one chat with you.

Your chat feature might be a WhatzApp chat, Facebeook or any other integration that will enable your customers reach out to you.

6. Identify and understand your online customers.

For you to have an inside on your marketing activities, you need to identify and understand your online customers.

There are several measures of doing this and you can read this article to learn about them all The importance of identifying and understanding your online customers.

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