How To Free Yourself In 6 Simple Steps.

how to free yourself in 6 simple steps

This motivational piece will help you learn how to free yourself in 6 simple steps, and I really wish you read it to the very end.

Most times you find yourself in a place where all you need is a lifeline, that is to say a little freedom.

Even though you often commit yourself to doing so much for so many people, at times you will always find yurself bound in chains to the world, your environment, circumstances and even to your ownself.

And once that happens, it is time for you to really look for ways to free yourself.

And you can try the following 6 steps to really free yourself.

1. Examine your values.

Your values has everything to do with how you see yourself, those places you visit, and what you cultivate from your relationship with others.

If you have low value, you are likely going to attract people who also care less about themselves nor the people they hurt.

On the other hand, if you really value who you are and what you do, others are certainly going to do the same.

And while you hang around these kinds, you will always find yourself more apt to do what comes naturally to you.

You will enjoy yourself more because you will be free to laugh, connect, and relate what matters most to you; and this will make others feel free to do the same.

2. Always be original.

Each and everyone of us will always want to feel and act like we are the ones that matters most.

But while trying to do so, you should not adopt what others are doing to fit in. Because it can jeorpardize your character and paint you clearly as fake and phony.

Therefore, all you need to do is be yourself and do what you and yourself can commit to do.

3. Always forgive.

Often, you will have a feeling of animosity towards someone who hurt or wrong you in some ways.

But think about this: someone mistakenly stepped on your foot and you immediately give him a piece of your mind simply because he did not stop to say sorry.

It’s natural that this must really leave you so upset, but what is that bad not to forgive that person and just go your own way.

The act of forgiveness starts by learning to overlook certain things that might seem to hurt you but not that severely.

And even when it gets severe, considering the fact that none of us is above mistake, you must learn to forgive.

And do you remember that you are also likely going to wrong your own self in several ways.

How about failing to do that thing that would have made you successful, and before you realize it’s too late.

Wont you be kind enough to forgive yourself.

4. Be honets and always leatrn to say no.

For your own sanity, you must always be honest and learn to say no in all circumstances that is not right.

At times saying no might even make you disagree with others, but considering that it’s your own life and whatever decisions you make is going to ultimately affect you.

Make sure any decisions you make leavse you very comfortable and help you to be effective in whatever you have been called upon to do here on earth.

And you will always realize how people will learn to respect you more when you are honest always say no.

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5. Control how you react to things.

Many of us consciously or unconsciously are fond of assuming the worst in people.

For instance, imagine going to your inbox and discover someone writing something that insults or disturbs you in one way or another.

Your first reaction should be to take it the wrong way and hit back at that person as a way of retaliation.

But if you calm down first and try to discover the persons emotions or view about that message, you will discover that his intention was not bad but the way he expressed it made it seem so.

6. Love yourself.

It’s undeniable that most of us do not even love ourselves.

Most times, you hate yourself because of the many flaws you keep repeating.

But when you come to realize that your strenghts and flaws are essential part of your life and it helps you learn and understand life the more; you will certainly begin to love yourself as you find you growinf wiser.

And once you love yourself, you will then be able to start loving others.


Whatever you are trying to do in life, freedom is the most important part of life and your freedom is really yours to explore.

So make sure you make the best of the journey.

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