You have a great longing for becoming a blogger but unfortunately you lack the resources to secure a blog for yourself, don’t worry I am here to show you how to easily build your own free blog.

But before we jump into this article, let’s first and foremost understand what is really a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that publishes regular contents, most especially articles, about a particular subject or topic in a more or less profound way. 

Blogs can also have contents that ranges from videos popularly known as video blog or vlog, to images which is also called photo blog.

Why do you want to build a free blog?

Building a free blog will enable you to achieve different goals that often times surpasses a conventional website or online store.

Gain authority on a particular topic

Blog is a great way to grow and improve your personal brand.

Your own free blog can therefore bring you very many great opportunities; like getting job offers and opportunities to participate in big conferences or other media gatherings.

As a business person, a free blog will help you establish yourself as an authority in a particular field. Getting in touch with a target audience before they purchase your goods and services will give you greater advantages.

Share your experiences about something new you just learnt

But then you don’t have to be an expert on a certain topic before you can build your own free blog.

A free blog can give you an opportunity to share your experiences when learning something you never knew, and documenting the whole process will help someone else learn about what you just learnt.

Once you start blogging on a particular subject for a while, you will soon gain authority over that subject in no time.

The only requirement you need here is interest and persistence.

Promote company’s goods or services

A free blog can help you create a post about other companies goods and services, and a better presentation can help you to sell those companies goods and services and make profits.

For instance, you can write about the need for someone to always take a ride with a sports bike every morning as a means of keeping fit. And at the end of your article, you add the link to the online store where they can purchase those goods and services.

Because contents that carries a direct sales objective will have more sales when they are promoted by a blog.

Create a meeting point for a specific community

A blog should not necessarily be a mono-directional communication channel where only one person keeps writing while others just sit back and read.

Thus including comments section or maybe forums on your own free blog will help others to interact in a great way that will contribute to the growth of a particular community.

These days social platforms like Facebook, Quora or even Reddit has multitude of communities on all kinds of topics.

So whenever possible, make sure you have such a space on your own free blog.

For instance you can create a mailing list, and collect emails that will help you update your audience on your new posts. Thus you can use this kind of trick to promote your blog.

Get traffic for your business website or an online store

When you publish a new article, your blog stands a chance of appearing in search engines when people are searching for terms related to your content.

And when someone visits that article, they are likely to see other pages or articles on your site. Thus, it is very possible to get visits that otherwise you would not have via your blog.

A blog article with an interesting content is capable of sending a link to a business website or an online store.

These are the reasons why corporate bodies and individuals create blogs. The good news is that even your small free blog is capable of competing with larger companies.

All you need is more attractive and relevant contents that outweighs the competition.

Now that you’ve learn why you should start a free blog, Follow This Link and build your own free blog right away.

Last modified: August 22, 2021



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