How To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Blog.

How To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Blog.

In this article, you will learn how to drive organic traffic to your blog at any given time or place.

So you’ve gotten your website name and hosting and are done starting your blog and have published your first post, but when you look at your traffic statistics no one is visiting your blog.

You can imagine how frustrating that is!

This will definitely kill your hope of becoming a blogger if the case is not taken.

And all you need now is to understand the basic ways of driving organic traffic to your blog. But before we dive into this post, let us check the meaning of organic traffic.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the means by which visitors flood into a blog or website as a result of the keywords they insert in a search engine.

This type of traffic is earned without spending a dime, and it is, therefore, the traffic every new, or even old blogger should aim for.

But then, this traffic is not earned through luck or chance, there are certain steps and guidelines you should follow and keep, and then wait on time to start seeing the positive results you need.

Below, therefore, are the ways you can drive organic traffic to your website.

1. Contents are gold.

You can’t have just 3 contents on your blog and expect to have the traffic coming in.

But say you have like 500 contents on your blog and at least 200 of those are ranking on search engines and bringing in at least 2 traffic each, then you will have 400 steady visitors coming to your blog every day.

For that reason, you need to publish more and more content on your blog.

Minimum should be at least 3 every day and if you calculate that in a month, you will be having 90 contents every month and 1080 contents in a year.

You can then keep one year for your blog to have 1080 content and before then you will definitely have more than 200 content ranking and bringing in a steady inflow of traffic.

2. Do keyword research before you write.

If you don’t understand and utilize keyword research for your blog contents, then you are likely to have a thousand contents on your blog that people are not searching for.

Keywords are the only thing that will help your blog start to pop up on top of search engines when people are looking out there for such content.

You can read this article if you really want to understand keyword research and how to properly utilize it: Complete beginner’s guide to keyword research for blog SEO.

3. Join online communities and forums.

There are several online communities and forums you can join that will help you create awareness for your blog.

You just need to go online and start searching for them.

But the greatest advice I want to give you is, when you join those communities or forums, make sure you don’t make it a duty of allowing dropping links to your blog articles; rather be active in the group.

You can always start by joining or introducing a question, and after a series of providing plain comments, you can then add the link to your blog article on the same topic and tell people to learn more from it.

4. promote your content on social media.

Social media is the best place for you to share your content, but then you must have a lot of followers for it to have a positive engagement.

Another problem of social media is algorithms, you can read this article if you want to know how best to use it: 9 Ways Of Using Algorithm To Get Post Engagement.

5. Optimize your blog for speed.

And this should have been our first point in this article, but I thought it wise to make it last because it might just be the reason traffic is not coming to your blog without your knowledge.

It’s worse if you don’t have any access to your Cpanel. If you are not a web engineer then this would be harder because the plugins you are using on your blog might be too much and in so doing slow down the speed of your blog.

Google is very mindful of a blog’s speed when it comes to ranking it on search engines, and the estimated time for a blog to load is 2 seconds.

Also, the majority of people are visiting blogs through mobile, and for that reason, you must make your blog mobile-friendly, if you want to get lots of traffic coming to it.

So ensure your blog load as quickly as possible if you want to drive organic traffic to it.